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Golden Retriever | MALE | 10 YEARS OLD | Green Bay, WI


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Eddie ♥

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Hi! My name is Eddie ♥. I am a Golden Retriever from Green Bay, WI

Nicknames: Edwardo, Ed, Stinky Eddie, Turd Bucket
Birth Day, Month and Year: 9/12/2003
Age: 10
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I am a very smart boy! There isnt enought room to tell you all the cool stuff I can do! Oh, also..I was voted DC's dog of the day on October 22nd, 2007! YaHooOOooO! Hee hee!
My pet peeves: I hate it when mommy wont let me play outside! I get really sad and pout.
My hobbies: I LOVE to carry Daddys dirty socks and underwear around and put them in his friends laps. I also love swimming and I LOVE THE BALL! Also visiting cousins Sammy Jo and Bandit on the farm is the funnest thing ever! I love visiting Grandma too, she just loves us so much!
My favorite hang out spot? I am happy at any swimming hole, but if I am at home, Im really a couch potato.
My favorite grub: Fromm Adult Gold
My favorite treat: I love those stinkey cow's hooves!
My favorite tricks: Im good at high-fives, rolling over, playing dead, there are tons of tricks Im good at.
What I love about my owner: I love my mommy and daddy so much! The do so much for me, they give me lots of love, hugs and kisses! Just what I need!I am the A~Team Co-Pilot! :)
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