Boxer | FEMALE | 4 YEARS OLD | Moab, UT

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Hi! My name is Roxy. I am a Boxer from Moab, UT

Nicknames: foxy roxy
Birth Day, Month and Year: 7/19/2012
Age: 4
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Roxy caught on real quick to using the dog door to come in and out and within 2 weeks of having her she was 90% potty trained. She caught on much quicker than my 3 year old boxer to the new dog door. However, my older boxer learned how to open the back door by wrapping his paws around the handle and still prefers this method. Roxy hasn't been through any training since it is not offered in the area that I live so it's up to me to do a lot of reading, learning and teaching on my own.
My pet peeves: she doesn't really have any .....yet
My hobbies: Roxy loves to play with any toy. She could amuse herself all day with chewing on her squeaky toys
My favorite hang out spot? loves to lay on her pet bed in the sun out in the middle of the yard
My favorite grub: ANYTHING, she will anything and is not picky at all
My favorite treat: sweet potatoes sticks
My favorite tricks: in training her to use the dog door she has found it to her advantage to go out and back in several times to keep getting the treats
What I love about my owner: constant attention and training. Gets to go along on car rides while running errands as long as its not hot out. I also love my big adoptive brother Max who is also a brindle boxer just like me!
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