Maude (Best Eyes and Most Stylish Contestant)

Bichon Frise | FEMALE | 12 YEARS OLD | Fort Myers, FL



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Maude (Best Eyes and Most Stylish Contestant)

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Hi! My name is Maude (Best Eyes and Most Stylish Contestant). I am a Bichon Frise from Fort Myers, FL

Nicknames: Maudee Maude or MaudeLynn
Birth Day, Month and Year: 7/2/2004
Age: 12
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: I sit, shake, bang-bang (play dead), dance and sit pretty. I'm also very affectionate and always snuggle up with daddy. When Emmett (my brother/husband) came to live with us he was only 8 weeks old. Daddy took him to the vet and I had to come. The vet did something to Emmett with a Thermometer and he whimpered...boy did I growl at that vet!!!!
My pet peeves: I don't like feathers. When I used to sniff them they would stick to my nose. Daddy is a ballroom dancer and whenever there is a ballgown with feathers on it at my house, I growl and bark at it. I also don't like sewer grates but other than those things, I'm all good :)
My hobbies: I love to go roller-blading, swimming, car rides, going to the studio with daddy. I like to stand on our 3rd story lanai and growl at other dogs (hehe). Mommy and Daddy always say: "Maude stop it! No one is afraid of you!"
My favorite hang out spot? I spend alot of time on the lanai. I have my own spot on the bed and share daddy's pillow even though I have my own. I also like the couch.
My favorite grub: They feed me California Natural and home-made dog treats from Aunt Fergie in Ohio (Peanut Butter and Garlic mmm). I also love pizza crust and Emmett and I always start whining when we see the pizzy guy in the parking lot --- even when he's not coming to our house
My favorite treat: My favorite treat is pizza crust.
My favorite tricks: I give lots of hugs and shake hands. We have relatives with kitty kats and I love to play tag with them.
What I love about my owner: Daddy carries me everywhere. When he says nite nite time, I go to him instead of going to the bed cuz I know he'll carry me. He takes naps on the couch at my command. I just stare at him and stare at the couch and he knows what to do. I sit on mommy's lap early in the morning while she drinks coffee on the lanai and that's her quality time. Daddy also buys me pillows and blankets all the time. I think I have more than the boys do heheheh.
Motto If I see it, it must be mine :)
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