Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 6 YEARS OLD | Port Charlotte, FL

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The sun came back out and we've dried up from the recent deluge of rain too. Enjoying the great outdoors again.



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Hi! My name is Lady. I am a Mixed Breed from Port Charlotte, FL

Nicknames: Missy, Sunshine
Birth Day, Month and Year: 6/2/2008
Age: 6
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: I've had two litters and I was a great mom.
I'm very cultured/well-mannered. Although I haven't attended any dog training schools, my owners have been successful in teaching me the basic and I'm really attentive and obedient. I'm learning to do the Doggie Dance (aka: Hokie Pokie.)
I also got to model Pet Sweaters and Dog Coats for Ponderosa Produce, Boutique'N More. Visit me at:
My pet peeves: I don't like to get wet. It'll ruin my good looks if I do and I don't like to show my belly. That is ultimately the hardest thing for me to do. I have to be pretty desperate to do it.
My hobbies: I enjoying pestering my companion dog Snowball and maintaining my position as boss.
My favorite hang out spot? I like to follow my owners around and when I can't I like to rest in my Bedroom (AKA: Crate) or in a shady spot outside
My favorite grub: I love chicken, rice and veggies
My favorite treat: My favorite treats are: Banana's, Duck Jerkey, and Peanut Butter
My favorite tricks: My favorite tricks to perform are: "Please", say my prayers before meals and waving Bye-bye.
What I love about my owner: They gives me things to chew on, toys, treats, plays with me, cuddles me and takes me for walks. I really enjoy it when I get a muscle rub and I also get to bring the mail in.
Motto "I may bark at you, but I just wanna be your friend. Please come pet me!"
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