Mixed Breed | MALE | 3 YEARS OLD | Montevallo, AL

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Hi! My name is Dudley. I am a Mixed Breed from Montevallo, AL

Nicknames: Dudley Boo Bear, Dudley Boo Boo, Punkin Poo..and anything else that I decide to call him.lol
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/15/2011
Age: 3
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I rescued Dudley from a shelter when he was 8 weeks old. Before I went to get him, I read numerous websites on how to care for a puppy, what and what not to do. How to teach him what I wanted him to do. I didn't have to work much at it because he is a very smart puppy. He knows a lot of the basic commands however, he can be stubborn when he wants to. I guess he gets that from me (haha). But one thing I am most proud, is he basically taught himself to catch his ball. All I would do is throw it for him to go get it. We play ball in the house and I would bounce it against the wall, one day, he just started catching it.
My pet peeves: Lol, he barks at me if I hold the ball for too long or hold (put) things out of his reach.
My hobbies: Chewing on things he isn't supposed to and playing with his ball. He also loves to run and play with other animals.
My favorite hang out spot? In the coffee table.
My favorite grub: I don't feed him table food, he just loves this dog food called Max.
My favorite treat: Peanut Butter flavored dog biscuits.
My favorite tricks: lol, I told him to back up (while pushing him back) so many times, that now when I start to bounce the ball for him to catch, he just backs up on his own. He will also back up some more if I tell him to.
What I love about my owner: I have a king size bed, so I put his bed in mine and he gets to sleep with me every night. In the mornings (when I wake up) he snuggles up to me and we have our morning hugs before we start our days.
Motto A puppy will give you his unconditional love, even if you sometimes feel you don't deserve it. He doesn't know your past, nor does he care. He just loves you.
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