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Hi! My name is Jack. I am a Beagle from Clark, NJ

Nicknames: We Fuss Eagle Ridge Poncho, aka Winky Shawty Jack-Jack Attack Wacko Jacko Jack Frost Jack the Ripper Lumberjack Jack of All Trades Jack-in-the-Box Jack Be Nimble Hijacker Jumpin' Jack Flash Applejack Crackerjack Jackson Hit the Road Jack Horner Jumpin' Jack Spratt Jack Daniels Nicholson Jackman Jackalarse Jackie Jackster Jackinator Killer Sir Sniffsalot Scratch 'n' Sniff, Tipsy, Midgey, Pokey, Slippy, Mr. Nut-Nut, Grunther, Paddywhack, Anklebiter, Legchewer, Jackster-Baxter Jackity-Jacks...
Birth Day, Month and Year: 7/12/2011
Age: 5
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: At just a year old, he's already managed to attain the title of "Toy-Destroy Champion of the World"...at least, we're pretty sure of that.

Some of Jack's other photos can be found via Ulla's and Rusty's links, as well as here: http://simplysighthounds.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=picss&thread=43&page=1 and here: http://smg.beta.photobucket.com/user/Fkmfj/library/Jack
My pet peeves: Having his widdle paws grabbed, being surrounded by strangers ("Ah! Who are all these weird people-who-aren't-my-people?!"), big scary things and sudden loud noises, not being chased/played with almost constantly, having his treats stolen by Ulla because she's so tall and fast and eagle-eyed while he's so short and doesn't actually have the best nose/eyes/reflexes...just generally being too short to jump up on things, etc. Also fears/dislikes sneezes and bubblegum bubbles.
My hobbies: Initiating games of tug-of-war or "Chase-Me-and-Try-to-Steal-My-Toy," racing lightning-speed laps around the house or yard on his wee legs, fetching toys endlessly, getting deliberately underfoot and in your way b/c I'm a psychic masochist (even more than the other two--he actually seems to calculate your next move and get there first), grunting and snorkeling like a little piggy, climbing all over floored people and going nuts, playing with his big "brother and sister"/"auntie and uncle," eventually crashing and falling asleep wherever. Dragging his toys into the backyard and leaving them there, destroying brand-new ones within hours...chewing up random pieces of garbage, plastic bottles, cardboard (I have an unhealthy obsession with boxes...making his name pretty apt), paper, wood, cups that once had Listerine in 'em (smells scrummy?), sitting under the tabling growling (his form of begging), and so on and so forth.
My favorite hang out spot? Up against somebody on a sofa or the easy chair...or snoozing on a step with his face wedged between the spindles of the banister.
My favorite grub: Like Ulla, he's game to try almost anything. He really enjoys matzah, carrots and frozen green beans (or, crunching 'em up, at any rate), most flavors of food and treats, people foods, etc.
My favorite treat: Similar to Ulla's...unfortunately, none of them liked sweet potatoes.
My favorite tricks: Rolling (or just toppling) over--he does that automatically whenever he thinks he can't win a game, or that he's in trouble, or another dog is lunging at him. "I give up!" xD He'll also give paw and "dance," but it's perhaps not his favorite one. He can be literally walked (and lifted) by a long toy in his firm grasp.
What I love about my owner: These people are all sweet! They play with me, pamper me, let me get away with murder...well, almost. But I can sleep on them, go places with them by riding in my carrier or the sling they have...they're always givin' me cool toys (which I promptly tear to shreds to show proper appreciation), and nummy treats, and carrying me around...cooing, telling me how cute I am, taking pictures of me, fooding my face 'cause I'm irresistible...
Motto My name be Jackie, and I be wacky.
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