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rest in sweet peace my baby girl.... you were the magic in my life to see you become a true beauty after your sad beginning.. i will always miss you... may, 28, 2005 - december 29, 2015



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Hi! My name is Sugar~. I am a Pointer from Baton Rouge, LA

Nicknames: Sugar Bugar, klunky dog ///my dogster id is 566997>>>>i am the A-team's resident pork chop expert!
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/28/2005
Age: 11
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: I am alive! my best accomplishment there is! I also learned how to sit, lay down, and shake with both paws in one evening! and! i was pet of the week in our local paper july 16, 2007!>>>and!>>.i was dog of the day on HOWL O WEEN 2007! lucky lucky me~
My pet peeves: I really don't have any issues with anyone or anything.. I love the whole wide world!
My hobbies: My favorite thing in the world is chasing my new puppy sister, Secret, around in the yard and wrestling with her. We also race up and down Mom's new vegetable garden! I am so fast! Squeeky toys are also tops on my list! I love the noises they make! It reminds me of when I tackle mom in the yard and she squeels with delight! (or is that horror? I just DON"T know the difference!)
My favorite hang out spot? My very favorite place in the world to hang out is on my Mom's couch on the beautiful afghan she crocheted before she rescued me. I am also fond of sleeping in the pillows on top of Mom's head at night!
My favorite grub: I love everything that comes my way! But I do rely on nutro natural choice for my main meal... I am a health nut of sorts!
My favorite treat: My favorite treat is cheese! I would travel miles at the word "cheese"!
My favorite tricks: My favorite trick in the whole wide world is pretending i am a great lion from Africa, stalking MY PREY ( my younger sister Secret) who doesn't know she is pretending to be a great gazzelle!
What I love about my owner: My mom is the bestest in the world! She loves me so much and my 2 puppy sisters, too. Sprinkles was here first, then me, and then Mom got us Secret. Secret is my favorite and we love Mom even more for giving us each other!
Motto There is always TOMORROW! Look at me! my birthday mom gave me is 5 /28/2005, but i was reborn 7/24/2005~ god bless our friends who have passed to the rainbow bridge... and i am sweet on sonny bunny!! :)
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