Mixed Breed | MALE | 18 YEARS OLD | Lafayette, IN

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Hi! My name is Balto. I am a Mixed Breed from Lafayette, IN

Nicknames: Horsefart, Baby, Goosetail Featherbutt
Birth Day, Month and Year: 7/21/1997
Age: 18
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Well, a few years ago I followed our other dog out of our fence, Buster came back but I did not. A couple weeks later, I came home!!! Madz was surprised that being so old,Ifound my way back through all the corn fields surrounding our home.
My pet peeves: Balto chases the thunder; when it booms, he follows the noise and barks. He won't eat veggies. He is very layed back and doesn't mind if you accidently pull his ears or tail.
My hobbies: Balto likes to sleep. He doesn't play fetch but he will chase a plastic bowling bowl. When gets into a playful mode, he rolls onto his back and puts his legs straight up into the air.
My favorite hang out spot? The sandbox definetly. He also likes rolling in Mom's newly planted grass. He doesn't try to sneak inside because he loves the outdoors.
My favorite grub: Balto loves meatballs and Dad's salisbury steak.
My favorite treat: Probably meatballs and bread are Balto's favorite treats.
My favorite tricks: Balto's only real tricks are sit and paw. Paw means "shake." He'll sit in front of you and give you his paw when he wants your attention. When someone he loves walks toward him while he is laying down, he rolls over to get his belly rubbed.
What I love about my owner: I love Madz because she always rubs my tummy and talks to me and plays with me. When I'm hungry, she feeds me and when I'm thirsty, she gives me water.
Motto I know what I what and how to get it!!! If I don't know you, you better stay far away from my yard!!! I am above you all!!!
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