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<*^*> Thurs, MARCH 14th, 2013 <*^*> ~TEAM DOTD NEWS~ PLS VOTE <*^*> MOE MOE 252598 <*^*> HAPPY BIRTHDAY: <*^*> MARMI MOO, SECRET,SPRINKLES, SUGAR, ANGEL BABY DOG, ANGEL STAR'S, MOM RENE' 231515 <*^*> Happy Anniversary: <*^*> MILIARY (MILLIE) SERVICE DOG 230698 <*^*> "1yr Ann" ~*^*~ DOTM RUNNER ~*^*~ <*^*> TERRA 34284 <*^*> ~*^*~ COTM RUNNER ~*^*~ <*^*> TRIXIE 172636 <*^*> ~*^*~ HOTM RUNNER ~*^*~ <*^*> ANGEL H.T. 40041 <*^*> Prayer Requests: ________ PLEASE KEEP IN YOUR PRAYER'S________ <*^*> Blossom / Idabell / Pebbles / Sabastian <*^*> Bruce's brother, David's barn just burned to the ground. The horse, goats and chickens did not survive. David has burned his face after saving two dogs at the rear of the barn, several dogs/puppies are missing and presumed dead. This Is Lisa Suddeth's Brother-In-Law's barn .. Blossom/Idabell/Peebles and Sabastian!/lisa.suddeth1 ______ <*^*> BANDIT, DAISY, HOOTIE'S, MOM VIRGINIA <*^*> Mom Virginia is in the hospital for treatment of probable pneumonia _____ <*^*> CHEWY 233323 <*^*> 3/7... Please Pray for Chewy...he has glaucoma in both's worse in the left..he has blood pressure in his eyes, and we are going to call our doggie eye doctor to make an appointment. He has already lost a little bit of vision, and could loose one or both of his eyes...just praying the meds the clinic doctor gave us helps until next week. Love, Mom ______ <*^*> RADAR 23847 <*^*> Radar is home from Vet Emergency where he was diagnosed with diabetes. He is home receiving 2 insulin shots daily as the treatement. Prayers, please, Mom Rosemary <*^*> BOOMER 202706 <*^*> My leg is a pulled muscle, and a little arthritis in my back. So with taking it easy, and meds I'm going to be okay. I'm not limping as bad today. Please keep me in your prayers, Boomer `n` Mom <*^*> ANGEL KIRBY <*^*> ......Angel Kirby's Mom, Patty.... Please keep Mom Patty in your prayers. Chemo treatments continue .. Remember your purple bracelets for Team Patty Warriors again Lymphoma!!! Scooter -- mouth cancer/not treateable .. keeping comfortable at home with pawrents .. stable,-miniature-23984-club-dog-profile.aspx Debbie Myers: ankle injury - wearing Ortho boots .. unable to put weight on foot until May - a 2nd surgery at that time to have a screw removed .. pray that the healing continues


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Hi! My name is TheTrio News. I am a Mixed Breed from Allen, TX

Nicknames: The Texas Trio or TT5.Page monitored off/on.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/26/2008
Age: 7
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: F
Education: D.C. RainBow Bridge Memorial Page One: (39393) - Managers: Auntie Joy & Rico DC AngelBoy 5284.
My pet peeves: You can find the Dog Club Moderator, Christal on page109379
My hobbies:
My favorite hang out spot? CREATIVE DESIGNERS: AVATAR ART EXHIBIT: 64206, Owned and Operated by Angel Tiny Prancer 12997. MAKE YOUR OWN PHOTOS AT IMIKIMI.COM
My favorite grub: .PAGE NUMBERS: DOTM PAGE 123129
My favorite treat: Life is short. Forgive quickly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.
My favorite tricks:
What I love about my owner: Teamdotd page 57527Names/Dates/Id's listedA righteous man cares for the needs of his animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.(Proverbs 12:10).
Motto Do you know what the word FAMILY means?FAMILY = (F)ATHER (A)ND (M)OTHER (I) (L)OVE (Y)OU THE NEWSPAGE won dotm 8/07.
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