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Hi! My name is Louie. I am a Basenji from Woodinville, WA

Nicknames: Louie, Lou, Lou-Lou, Louis Lester (when I'm being naughty)
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/23/2001
Age: 14
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I am an AKC (American), CKC (Canadian) and International conformation Champion. Because I love to show, I'm also about to start competing with a young lady in Junior Showmanship. I am a Canine Good Citizen, a remarkable achievement for a Basenji.

I has sired eight puppies in two litters and they are all good-looking kids.

I've trained for Agility competition and lure coursing.

Mom says I'm one of the best yodelers in all history! I always sing to her (or anyone) when she comes home.
My pet peeves: Obedience (ick!) and other male Basenjis, with the exception of my wonderful brother, Sonny.
My hobbies: Flirting with girl dogs at the dog park, carrying around huge stuffed animals, striking gorgeous poses, and breaking into the kibble bin.
My favorite hang out spot? Wherever my people are!
My favorite grub: I eat Evo, canned & kibble with salmon oil mixed in as my normal food, as well as a frozen raw turkey neck once a week to keep my teeth clean. No dentists for me!
My favorite treat: my favorite treat is ice cream. Take me to DQ now, please?!
My favorite tricks: I have lots! I know obedience commands, but usually pretend that I don't. I mean, come on! How embarrassing! What if one of the guys found out? I'd become a laughing stock! One of my favorite tricks is "Stallion", in which I paw the air with my front legs like a TV stallion would do (you can see a picture of me doing this in the gallery at the bottom of my page)
What I love about my owner: She believes in me and is proud of my accomplishments! She has always seen my handsome potential as a show dog, my personality potential to become a Canine Good Citizen and my athletic potential to compete in performance events. She takes me to the offlead park so I can run with Sonny and my birth moms (canine and human) and flirt with the girls (any breed, ladies!). She enters me in dog shows so I can show off my studly physique and floating movement. She trains me with patience, even when I make it challenging for her. She thinks I'm funny, and I can get by with lots of "OH, LOUIE, NO!" stuff, if I get her to laugh. But most of all, she loves me like crazy and knows how lucky she is to have me in her life!
Motto Louie, Lou-ie, ooooh-oh, we gotta go ... dog show! Life is good, baby! Birthdate: 12/23/2001
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