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Hi! My name is Eugene. I am a Mixed Breed from Home, PA

Nicknames: Geno
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/10/1998
Age: 17
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: In my opinion, one of the most important accomplishment in a dogs life, is knowing how to gracefully except defeat. For example: when the ball is thrown for more than one and there are bigger dogs involved, the big dog always gets the ball. So just remember little brothers and sisters, the big dogs will eventually go home and you and your human will be playing one on one again.
My pet peeves: I get jealous and bark, when I see my adopted brother Tyler get table scraps that I'm not allowed to have.
My hobbies: Playing Follow the Leader with my human niece, Lilly. Barking at the mail and parcel post trucks. Chasing grasshoppers. Thieving from the garden. Playing ball, frisbee and tug.
My favorite hang out spot? I have so many.. But #1 favorite is where ever mom is.
My favorite grub: My daily diet that keeps me in shape, is my Beneful. It contains wholesome, real ingredients like real beef, crunchy whole grains and vitamin-rich vegetables for a completely balanced meal. Plus, it has six distinct food-shaped pieces-including moist, meaty chunks made with real beef-so it even looks like real food! I love its great taste, the crunchy and moist textures, and the combination of really cool shapes. Of course when moms eating, she shares all most everything with me. Pizza crust is one of my favorites. In the summer, I get to enjoy all the ripe veggies from moms garden. Zucchini and tomato's are two of my summer favorites. Don't ever rule out some fresh fruit, because there's nothing better on a hot summers day, than some watermelon or a juicy slice of apple.
My favorite treat: I don't really have a favorite, but I like those little bite size cherry tomato's mom has in her. garden
My favorite tricks: Ever since I was a pup, I liked to gather up socks and carry them around. It amazes everyone, how I can actually hide a pair of socks in my mouth. That's right.. not one, but two socks. They don't even get wet.
What I love about my owner: Moms a great lady. She always makes sure I am fed and have fresh water. She shares with me and makes sure I get my exercise everyday. I have my own blanket to lay on when we're going for a ride and she even lifts me in and out of her jeep, because it's such a big climb for my little short legs. The best is when the day is over and I get to keep moms back warm while we sleep.
Motto "Life is like a dog sled team. If you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes." Born In 98
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