Boxer | FEMALE | 7 YEARS OLD | Brooklet, GA

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Hi! My name is Heidi. I am a Boxer from Brooklet, GA

Nicknames: Heidi Denise Monkeybutt Heidibug Punkey Stinkey Butt
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/25/2007
Age: 7
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: she has completed Dog Obeidience training Beginners I . She did a wonderful job.she can sit, stay, fetch, wait to fetch,lay,stand, beg, beg and twirl, and she is workin on rollover .
My pet peeves: she doesn't like new people. She doesnt like straws. She will take them out of the cup and hide them . She is really funny about the dog food she eats.
My hobbies: she loves to jump and do anything pertaing to jumping. she likes to play fetch. she loves to play with her tennis ball.Heidi just got a new sprinkler and she loves to play w/ the hose and sprinkler .She loves to socialize w/ other dogs , mainly boys lol .
My favorite hang out spot? She loves to hang out w/ her new lil sis Lady under the oak tree at our house.
My favorite grub: She loves what I call Hole Cake. just alil bit a flower alil bit a buttermilk , fry it and flip it with lots of butter . she loves it and so do I .she pretty much enjoys what i eat .
My favorite treat: Heidi loves to have her belly scratched and her back and legs rubbed and massaged. Her favorite wash to bathe in is Mrs.Meyers dog wash w/ chamomile and cleary sage. It makes her sooo relaxed! I ususally follow up w/ ear wipes and freshner spray. she loves it !she likes her milkbones and jerky treats. she likes to be treated to a ride around w/ mom and dad around the town.
My favorite tricks: she likes to stand strait up and twirl around . it is her way of begging .she can also wait to fetch and on cue go get the ball.
What I love about my owner: I love my mommy she pampers me with treats and she takes for long walks. she always makes time for me and her .She makes me feel like the most pampered pooch in town . lol and i get to go w/ her almost everywhere.
Motto Live in the moment! My birthday is Dec.25,2007
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