♥ Rusty ♥ (In Loving Memory & FOREVER In My Heart)

Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 15 YEARS OLD | Trosper, KY

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Rusty 4/1/2001 - 7/26/2016 It took me a few days to post. My big girl Rusty passed away on July 26th just before 10pm. Several months ago she was dragging her back feet when she walked. After seeing a Vet and X-rays done, I was told that her back spine area was deterainting and eventually won't be able to walk in her back end. Before that time came, we built her a ramp off the porch to make it easier for her to go up and down. We dealt with her slight disability until the end .. She knew how much she was loved and cared for by the both of us. I adopted her when she was only 1 1/2yrs old. She made it to her 15th birthday on April 1st. She was a great dog and she never had a mean bone in her body. It's been different with her not around as we have been there constantly tending to her. I don't think the little dogs have caught on that she is gone. I think Shadow knows. RIP my big gal! Miss and Love you! ♥


♥ Rusty ♥ (In Loving Memory & FOREVER In My Heart)

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Hi! My name is ♥ Rusty ♥ (In Loving Memory & FOREVER In My Heart). I am a Mixed Breed from Trosper, KY

Nicknames: Beak (sticks her nose where it doesn't belong...LOL!)
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/1/2001
Age: 15
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: She knows a few tricks. Doesn't go potty in the house. ♥DOTD BADGE 07/26/08 AARD MEMBER 04/08
My pet peeves: Likes to chase everything. (From squirrels to other dogs) I have recently became frightened of Thunderstorms. And I definately DO NOT like the sound of a beeping smoke detector when the battery gets low. :o(
My hobbies: Eating, wrestling with the others. She likes to chase and be chased by anyone.
My favorite hang out spot? In the Livingroom, Bedroom, and the cool Kitchen Floor.
My favorite grub: Purina ProPlan and sometimes Kibbles and Bits. Loves canned dogfood
My favorite treat: Likes all treats
My favorite tricks: Sit, Lay Down, Speak and Gives her Paw to shake
What I love about my owner: For rescueing me from a dogpound. And giving me everything that I need to be Happy and Healthy.
Motto There is alot of good dogs and cats out there that are waiting for loving homes. You can find a variety of mixed breeds to pure breds that are in shelters. Rusty was one. *CHECK OUT SHADOW'S NEW PAGE: The SHADOW Box #89000. The page is filled with training tips, health advice and interesting trivia about canines. You will Enjoy all the information, while learning more about your four-legged friend
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