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Mi-Ki | MALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Horseheads, NY

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 28, 2007


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Charlie  #38495

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Hi! My name is Charlie #38495. I am a Mi-Ki from Horseheads, NY

Nicknames: Char Char, My little boy, My Sweety boy. This picture is Charlie in one of his new homes. The first one they had 9 dogs but these people had none and fell in love with Charlie as soon as they saw him and the other peole could not be selfish but let Charlie go to this new family. An they started a group called Charlies Angels because they all fell in love with Charlie and will find homes for dogs that need one. Oh my boy, Charlie..I miss you so. My heart is breaking, and you will always have my heart.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 6/29/2006
Age: 9
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: M
Education: He has completed dog obedience class. He has a limited registration at the NCA. And would be a great therapy dog and even go farther into obedience to try out for trials.
My pet peeves: Likes his female buddy a little too much..and would not stop marking. My husband said he had to go and gave me an ultimatum. And my heart is still breaking. And now since he is in his new home. He hasn't marked at all. But one consolation..he loves his new family and dog friends..He has 9 to play with. And now he loves his other new family with 3 girls that give him much love and is going on to be a therapy dog and agility trials..Way to go Charlie! These new people lost their dog to cancer and fell in love with Charlie. He is loved wherever he goes. Sissy wailed for him for two days. Now she is ok. But was so sad to see her do that. She loved Charlie so much. I hope she will love Ebi too.
My hobbies: Chasing his sister, chewing on chew toys and chews, staying by me. Playing with the grandkids. And just being around me. Also I love to eat, look out the window, play in the yard, go on walks, meet new people. He loves everyone.
My favorite hang out spot? by my owner's side. Charlie is in his new home with 3 girl ages 10-14 ..and is getting lots of love and attention. I miss you Charlie but I am happy that you are being loved..and I am so glad you are not marking anymore..What a good boy.. I love you Charlie and you will always have my heart. I still miss you, it seems forever you have been gone :(( You would love the new puppy..Sissy still misses you alot.
My favorite grub: Eukenuba dry dog food cheese Hot dog.. actually anything
My favorite treat: Charlie's absolute treat is cheese, meat, milk bone chewy treats, Since the recall on foods we have been pretty scared to buy too many different kinds of treats. So we usually eat what I eat.
My favorite tricks: Charlie is loveable,kind and loves kids, and is very playful. Eating is probably his favorite trick. He does the major obedience class tricks like coming, sit, lay down, stay, release, No bark, leave it and Up.
What I love about my owner: She hugs me and plays with me and she takes me on walks and rides. She just talks to me. And I know she loves me too. I know she is very sad to have to give me up to a new home. But she will be happy if I am happy. It has been close to 3 to 4 weeks now ..since Charlie is gone..Sissy and I still miss him. But we love Ebi too. But miss Charlie's great personality and happiness.
Motto Charlie is gone and I will miss his sweet and loving ways..Bye Charlie..I miss you!!!!!!!! love Mommy. Here it is May of 2009 and we still miss you Charlie..everyone wishes you were back home. Chad can take you now ..he has a house. O Charlie we miss you..
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