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#39424  Princess, Angel Tobi & Ang. Mimi

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Hi! My name is #39424 Princess, Angel Tobi & Ang. Mimi. I am a Chihuahua from Miami, FL

Nicknames: PRINCESS: My birthday is 4/15/2005. My Mom & Dad rescued me from a house that had been damaged during a hurricane. My siblings did not make it. I was cold and lonely and my Dad saw me. How lucky I am to have a Mom & Dad. I'm happy and will always remember my little brothers and sisters. I know they are in heave. MIMI and Mom & Dad called me Granma Mimi, My birthday is 4/23/1996. I was the first Chichi my Mama had. I looked like a little zebra when little. **TOBI** I was real tiny and I was Granpa Tobi, The used to call me Little Tobi, I only weighed 2.5 pds. I was the 2nd chichi, Mama rescued me.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/15/2005
Age: 11
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: F
Education: Princess: **I've been the VP for the Chichi Club since it started. Made DOTD and a Member of the DC Peace Team also. **TOBI** 5/2008 AARD MEMBER 5/08 SINCE 2/04 when I became 7yrs old, CHI-CLUB MEMBER 5/08, 5/08, DC PEACE TEAM MEMBER,DOTD 7/11/08. Voted VOTW 12/13/08. *Mimi* I' accomplished DOTD on 1/19/09, I'm a member of AARD since 4/03, the PT 1/1/09 and the Chi-Club since 12/29/08.
My pet peeves: PRINCESS: I'm sort of shy and cling on to Mom, don't like big hands either like my angels sibling, but then I'm comfy when they pet me. **TOBI** I definitely didn't like any hands coming to pick me up, except my Mom & Dad. I froze!! and won't move but since I was so tiny I was scooped up zoom! and that's it. Grandpa here got scared of just about anything bigger than me. **Mimi**, I was not scared of much I guess cuz i was the oldest, maybe a thunder or two.
My hobbies: **MIMI**We loved to play, sleep, bark, hang out together with our other brothers and sisters and have a lot of fun.
My favorite hang out spot? PRINCESS: I love to cuddle with Mom on her bed, she give me a chewy and then I go to sleep real close to her. **TOBI** I loved being in the middle of Mom's bed, I had my own pillow and blankie and was nice and warm there for these old little bones.. *MIMI* I loved to hide in my crate and check out the little ones, I had fun while I rested, these old bones needed ther rest, but now neither one of us is in pain.
My favorite grub: **TOBI* I'm an angel now. My birthday is 2/15/1996 and went to the Rainbow Bridge on 11/26/09. I watch my family from doggie heaven all the time. We have fun here too. *Mimi* I didn't like anyone taking my kibles away. *Tobi* didn't mind anything. I was borned on 4/23/1996 and went to the Rainbow Bridge on 7/25/2011.
My favorite treat: Princess: I love tidbits of course! and my greenies.*TOBI* I used to love to ride in the car on Mom's shoulder to check out what was going on in the streets, I loved tiny treats. Mimi* Treats, if it is edible it was a treat...
My favorite tricks: *TOBI* I used to love to sleep under blankies all the time. I was so little you couldn't tell Iwas there. He! **Mimi* I liked to hide stuff and food specially. Yum!
What I love about my owner: Princess: My Mommie is so kind and loving, she worries about all of us, we are many, I have big brothers and my sisters too, she takes care of all of us with Dad and loves us with all their heart.*TOBI* My Mom is very special to me and now I watch over her and I don't like it when she gets sad but I know it's because she loves me. I even had an elevator (a basket)next to her bed, I jumped in it and she'd bring me uuup! *Mimi* My mama is a wonderful Mom she always took real good care of me and all my siblings i love that mama of mine. I don't want her to ever be sad because we are not physically with her. But we are always in her heart and around blowing her kisses.
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