Master Qui Lo Sir Lancelot du Lac RIP " #40589

Cocker Spaniel | MALE | 13 YEARS OLD | Tustin, CA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: September 15, 2007


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Master Qui Lo Sir Lancelot du Lac  RIP " #40589

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Hi! My name is Master Qui Lo Sir Lancelot du Lac RIP " #40589. I am a Cocker Spaniel from Tustin, CA

Nicknames: Pup, Little Man, Pipsie, Bipsie,Tyke, Little Fella, Pumpkin, Son, Angel, Little Lamb, Sweetheart, Plum, Pumpkin & Qui Lo Lancelot when I'm not listening to mom.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/20/2003
Age: 13
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I completed Foundation and Beginning Agility training. I know, understand, respond to approximately 100 words, phrases, sounds, hand & body signals.
My pet peeves: I just loathe the gardeners & the paper delivery people coming close to my home & I bark to scare them away & protect my mommy. I don't like baths much but mommy gives me pieces of cookie throughout my bath to help me feel better about it & now I hop right in the tub for her. I almost forgot, sometimes when it's cold, mommy likes to dress me up in my little yellow windbreaker vest or my little blue fleece, hooded sweatshirt & I suddenly forget how to walk because it's so embarrassing to have to walk to my little park & have my friends see me like that. Mommy thinks I look cute for some reason.
My hobbies: I love to track, hunt & flush birds; mommy says that's what Cockers are bred to do & that it's real strong in my bloodline & I'm real good at it. I like to chase bunnies, play ball & my favorite indoor hobby is to play with my squeaky shoe with mom. I like to destuff my stuffed toys & sometimes I accidently destuff my mom's she will know since I wrote it here.
My favorite hang out spot? I lie on mommy's big bed watching birds outside or on my little bench underneath the dining room window watching birds. Qui Lo went to Heaven March 31, 2012. We miss him so much and love him eternally ;(
My favorite grub: I only eat Science Diet hard food for sensitive skin. Sometimes mommy gives me frozen peas or brocolli or fresh apple slices because they are good for me & they taste real good, too.
My favorite treat: shredded Mozzarella cheese is my most favorite treat. Oh-oh-oh-sometimes mommy gives me a little taste of peanut butter-yummy. I also love to eat tiny pieces of "cookie" after mommy gives me vitamins & washes my little face at night.
My favorite tricks: I like to play "Underdog" as I jump over any & everything. I'm getting good at catching my ball in mid-air
What I love about my owner: Mommy is mommy & she sure loves me. She takes me for long walks, plays squeaky shoe & ball with me, laughs if I change the game rules on her. I get to sleep on her big bed if I want & she gives me chores to do like cleaning the plates after she eats; even the paper plates & then she throws them away which makes sense only to her, but she always tells me what a good job I do. Mom brushes my teeth which I don't like very much but my doggie toothpaste tastes good & mommy says it's for my own good. Mommy takes me to the groomer who cuts my beautiful fur & puts doggie perfume on me. Mom gives me rides in her black Mustang which I call riding on my horsie & she always makes me wear a doggies harness & seat belt to keep me safe. Mommy gives me treats, protects me & snuggles me & buys me presents. She sure does love me & I sure love her too.
Motto My mommy sure does love me because she rescued me from a dog orphanage & gave me a forever home. I love mommy sooooo much. Rescue a dog and give it a forever home like my mommy did.
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