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Hi! My name is Eddy. I am a German Shepherd from niles, MI

Nicknames: Big boy,ed,sqeeky,big poop, Edward(when I'm in trouble)
Birth Day, Month and Year: 11/8/2005
Age: 10
Weight: more than 100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I've learned speak(well I do the motions of speak but make no noise and sit and lay down.I'm too hyper yet to learn more.Mommy is proud of my achievment of not barking when told it's ok. Learning to walk like a good boy my old owners had a crummy collar on me and so I never learned how to walk like a gentle man.
My pet peeves: Sunglasses (previous owners let me run... Dog catcher picked me up a couple of times) People sneeking up on me.
My hobbies: Chewing anything he can get away with. Wrestling with my pitbull brother. Going for walks. Playing at the dog park. Scaring the bad neighbors and their friends with my big bark..
My favorite hang out spot? Anywhere my people are at. The only time I leave their side is to go to the food bowl. I'm working on my weight. Right now I'm up to 107lbs April 13 2007. I have much more growing to do.
My favorite grub: I eat almost anything. Any soft treats make me drool. But right now I'm haveing allergies so mommy is working on changing my food around till she figures out what it is.
My favorite treat: Canine Carry outs. Fast food. Pizza bones, anything that won't eat him first. My mommy is trying to eliminate all corn and corn products from my diet to help with my allergies. So now I eat these square alpo treats and canine carryout's chicken strips. The beef stuff has corn starch in them.
My favorite tricks: Speak (but nothing comes out he just closes his mouth hard)mommy liked the quietness so she encouraged it. He also is learning sit,laydown, off, shake, and stay.
What I love about my owner: I love the time we spend together when the 5 of us ( Beagle Copper 4261, Pit bull Chief 4260 and pit bull sister Penelope 60424 ) Go for walks. She lets me stick my nose out the window... but only my nose so my eyes don't get hurt. She gives me lots of belly rubs and back scratches. She also puts all kinds of pics of us on her myspace. She lets me drink fresh cold water out of the faucet in the bathtub.
Motto If you can't beat it chew it. or It's wasn't me I swear... It chewed up it's self. I am too a lap dog. My Bday is Nov 8th 2005
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