Copper A Team Doggie Wrestling Referee

Beagle | MALE | 15 YEARS OLD | niles, MI

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Copper A Team Doggie Wrestling Referee

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Hi! My name is Copper A Team Doggie Wrestling Referee. I am a Beagle from niles, MI

Nicknames: Cop Cop, coppertop, Or the neighbor's favroite.... Gay man in a former life.(nothing agaist gays. He's just into getting dressed up and being really clean.)
Birth Day, Month and Year: 9/7/2000
Age: 15
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: He is house broke as an adult dog. He learned a new name (see how I became the owner) He learned a lot of new tricks. Over 11.
My pet peeves: Wet paws. Cold weather. Getting dirty. Others getting close to him while he's chewing a bone or eating a treat or bugging while he's trying to sleep.
My hobbies: Sleeping,eating, Sleeping.. Referring my brothers and sister Eddy 4259, Chief 4260, and Penelope 60424 when they are wresteling..
My favorite hang out spot? The bed or anywhere soft and warm.
My favorite grub: Lamb and rice Purina one or pro plan
My favorite treat: Canine Carry outs, any soft treats, pizza bones.
My favorite tricks: Sit,wave,smile, and sad dog.
What I love about my owner: They let me sleep as much as I want and she takes me for walks and to the dog park. She makes sure that I don't get away and get hurt in street or anything because I love to run after stuff. Check out the viedo she has of me on her myspace.
Motto Sleep Sleep Sleep. or Rabbit?!!! Where? or Pet me I'm cute. Arrruuuu I'm a hound dog... yes I'm named after the dog from the fox and the hound that is where Chief's name came from too. Mommy and Daddy don't know my birthday. The found me on the streets October of 2002 mommy doesn't remember the date.. if she had to pick one she would say the 3rd.. it's a theme in this house. Limur the cat is nov 3,rocky is july 3, chief is feb 3, and mesa is aug 3. So she would just say the 3rd cause the 3rd would be easy to remember.
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