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Australian Shepherd | MALE | 8 YEARS OLD | Lynnwood, WA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: November 15, 2007


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Official Aussie Club

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Hi! My name is Official Aussie Club. I am an Australian Shepherd from Lynnwood, WA

Nicknames: WEEKLY BULLETIN: yes, ive decided to put it up here now. My drawing of my dogs kenny and kjell can be found in the febuary issue of dogfancy!!!!!!! yep. if you want to see other art that i did, here's my website: thankies!
Birth Day, Month and Year: 11/15/2007
Age: 8
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Aussies are very good at agility, stock driving (herding), flyball (which sadly is not an akc sport) conformation (dog shows), fisbee, and tracking.
My pet peeves: It really depends on your individual dog, but if your dog is scared of something its best that you ignore it and dont pay attention when they have their "fear tantrums". Remember YOU are your dog's role model.
My hobbies: Aussies are known to be very active dogs. One or more walks a day are a necessity, they should be at least 30 minutes or longer. You can easily train your aussie to run alongside your bike. Aussies are good sled dogs too. my own aussies love going mushing in eastern washington where my grandparents live. Aussies have even been known to retrive in the water. there are really endless hobbies to do with your aussies, i enjoy going on off leash hikes, they love it when they are free to sniff everywhere. Make sure your dog is well trained, and mature. Also antother useful hint would be to not have your aussie off leash near roads. My old cocker spaniel mix died because of this.
My favorite hang out spot? My aussies personally love going to the woods where my grandpa lives. They are free to roam around while we sit in the house. Never let your dog roam in rual areas, this is a recepie for disaster. my grandpa lives in a large house tucked away in the woods with only a few neighbors. My dogs also love the beach and dog park. All dogs have a certain place that they love.
My favorite grub: It really depends on your dog's personality. I reccomend Science diet-large breed for aussies. If you want your dog to lose a little weight, just take away half a cup or two, and vise versa if you want your dog to gain weight. this was the case with my australian shepherds(you can visit them by the way, look at the daily bulletin).
My favorite treat: Again, it really depends.
My favorite tricks: Aussies are highly trainable dogs, all you need are some treats, and time to train your dog some awesome tricks. Some aussies learned faster than others depending on their personality. I taught my dogs flyball in one day.
What I love about my owner: Aussies are lovable, soft, and cuddly dogs. They will give you unconditional love for the rest of their lives. Aussies need responsible owners that will vigorously exercise them and train them. Aussies have been known to bite people because they are highly territorial, training can fix this. I reccomend going to a training class or reading Caesar's Way and Be the Pack Leader by Caesar millan the dog whisperer.
Motto Aussie Members: Sydney [[i luv coby]] <3, Kenny, Kjell, Penny, Cookie A-Team Squirrel Herder, Bandit, Nini Akilah Femme Finale, Candy Girl, Makey, Kona#336, Julie, Cooper, Kirby, Angel. (VOTE FOR US! you can find us in the comments section)
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