Rottweiler | MALE | 22 YEARS OLD | Center Moriches, NY

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Hi! My name is Pauley. I am a Rottweiler from Center Moriches, NY

Nicknames: Pauley Mauley-Puppy Pauley-My Little Tootsie Roll-Tubby-Tubbolla-PaulMaul-Mooch
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/7/1994
Age: 22
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: He was very intelligent & that once in a lifetime dog-He learned sit within 2 minutes of having him & heeled off leash within one week. He knew the name of every room in the house & a ton of other commands.I could leave him in a stay for hours-He had his left front leg amputated & went on to live 3 more happy years.He was the good will ambassador for a breed with an ill-gotten reputation.People were drawn to him like glue,including those scared of dogs & Rottweilers.He literally made friends everywhere he went.He is no longer with us but his memories provide MANY smiles(& tears)!!!
My pet peeves: Going out in the rain-Waking up early on cloudy/rainy days-Any kind of commotion & Sophie's energy & lack of PIZZA
My hobbies: Being right in the middle of the action,Being the Mayor,looking out the door watching for action & of course being in the car-Oh,How can I forget,EATING PIZZA
My favorite hang out spot? Preferably in the middle of the action,In the sun, the car,in front of the oven
My favorite grub: PIZZA
My favorite treat: PIZZA
My favorite tricks: Greeting anyone new & being slick as glass-Jumping over the gate to eat Spunky's food & jumping back before my owner got home. Sleeping on the couch & waking in time so I wouldn't get caught.One day, I jumped the gate to eat spunky's food & caught my leg on the way back, fracturing my ankle, so the gig was up.I got real sick after that & had auto-immune problem,but my owner hand fed me pizza for weeks because that was all I would eat after losing 15 pounds. Needless to say, I never jumped the gate again,but I got away with it for awhile
What I love about my owner: They took the best possible care of me and always had my best interest at heart-They were my advocates-Plus they got me pizza-I also loved Sophie, but wished everyday she would calm down
Motto I am just too cool to be bothered, now fork over the PIZZA !!!
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