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Hi! My name is Dachshund Information Center. I am a Dachshund from baton rouge, KY

Nicknames: Weinersnitzel, Weiner Dog Every cute dachshund name!!
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/23/2007
Age: 8
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: M
Education: Health: Weight problems are common in Dachshunds and are very dangerous. They can lead to health problems such as a bad back. They are prone to spinal disc problems (Dachshund paralysis) and can develop heart disease, urinary tract problems, and diabetes. Dachshunds have a tendency to become overweight and lazy. This is a serious health risk, putting added strain on the back.
My pet peeves: Grooming: Long-haired require daily combing and brushings; wire-haired need professional trimming twice a year, and smooth-haired require regular rubdown with a damp cloth. This breed is an average shedder
My hobbies: Exercise:These are active dogs with surprising stamina; they need to be walked daily. They will also enjoy sessions of play in the park or other safe open areas. Be careful, however, when pedestrians are about because Dachshunds are more likely to be stepped on than more visible dogs. They should be discouraged from jumping, as they are prone to spinal damage.
My favorite hang out spot? Living Conditions: Good for apartment living. They are fairly active indoors and will do okay without a yard.
My favorite grub: Height, Weight: There are three varieties of Dachshund, the short-haired, the wired-haired, and the long-haired. With each of these varieties there are three sizes. Normal (standard): Height 14-18 inches (35-45cm.); Weight- 20 pounds (9kg.) Miniature (dwarf): Height up to 14 inches (35cm.); Weight 9 pounds (4kg.) Toy: Height Up to 12 inches (30cm.); Weight 8 pounds (3.5kg.) Note: The Toy Dachshund is not a recognized size variation, however there are some breeders breeding Dachshunds smaller than a Mini Dachshund and they are calling these dogs "Toys".
My favorite treat: Group: Hound, AKC Hound
My favorite tricks: Origin: The Dachshund (pronounced dak sund) originated in Germany many hundreds of years ago. "Dachs" is the word for badger. The Dachshund was bred to hunt and follow these animals to earth, gradually becoming highly evolved, with shortened legs to dig the prey out and go down inside the burrows. Smaller Dachshunds where bred to hunt hare and stoat. Dachshunds have many "terrier" characteristics. They are versatile and courageous dogs and have been known to take on foxes and otters, besides badgers.
What I love about my owner: Temperament Lively and affectionate; proud and bold, almost rash. Tenacious. Can be willful and clownish. Curious and mischievous, they are very clever and may attempt to train the owner rather than allow the opposite. Devoted to his family, some fanciers feel the long-haired variety is calmer than the other two types. The wire-haired variety is more outgoing and clown-like. All are slightly difficult to train. Dachshunds are good dogs to travel with. They are best with older, considerate children and are moderately protective. These little dogs like to bark (their barks are surprisingly loud for their size) and are compulsive diggers. They are generally okay with other pets, however, they can be jealous, irritable, obstinate and very quick to bite. Sometimes they will refuse to be handled. They should not be over fed, for this breed tends to gain weight quickly.
Motto Life Expectancy: About 12-15 years We try to live a wonderful life!!
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