MAGENTA ♥ peanut chi-club~ welcome commitie

Chihuahua | FEMALE | 8 YEARS OLD | spring, TX

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: December 25, 2007


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MAGENTA ♥ peanut chi-club~ welcome commitie

About Me

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Hi! My name is MAGENTA ♥ peanut chi-club~ welcome commitie. I am a Chihuahua from spring, TX

Nicknames: negra ,blackie,and cutie !
Birth Day, Month and Year: 11/30/2007
Age: 8
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: F
Education: got potty tranied
My pet peeves: hates cats
My hobbies: playing all dayCHI CLUB MEMBERS: SNICKERS( 39705),RICO-RIP (5284), PRINCESS (39424), MUGSY(45760),LO- LA (13888), BLOSSOM(43157), PESO(42080), TINY BUBBLES(27447),- DARLA(26147), PRINCESS TRINITY(34558) , TEENIE(40897), JENNY(24249), PACO(21211), JUERA(43680),MS TAYLOR BUG(2800),MR SWEETIE PETEY(2845), HARLEY(44057), LIBBY LOU(43293), DARCEY(30389), LILY(19429), LOLA(19431), PEPE(23905), WILLY(44853), TINY(45322), POGO(45288), MOUSE(12870), TUNA(12275), MINNIE(12859), CUTIE(45754), SUSY(29343), SPOTS(45781), PENNY(46580), SNOOPY(46482), MOTO(45437), RICKY(48458), TURBO (42076), ROXY(9997), JUNIOR(48956), TOBY(49853), KIRBY(44028), DASEY(44014), DUKE(18339), GANDHI(42332), LULU(35709), SHADOW(35774), ROCKY(52756), POOH(51981), DOZER(53132), SALLY(52904), BAXTER(52104), PRINCESS ANNA(53371), MOLLY(53447), BITSY(53298), CARMENDI(52416)- , MAGENTA(52364), RUBY(53860), TINKERBELL (53612), ZACHARY(54022), PEANUT(37824), JORDAN(26680), VANNESSA(54335)- , ZINNY(28587), KEIKI JAYE(38246), DOS MAN-RIP(27759), LADY HOPPER(54818), COOKIE(55491), EMEE D'ROSE(55654), WHISKEY(55256), RUNT-RIP(54350)- , CHOPPER(55721), SUZY(56590), LEWIS(56613), LOUI(57306), MOLLY(57011), BAMBI(57528), PRINCE(56145), BELLA(58100), TRIXIE(58204), CLAYTON(56788), PENNY(59015), DANNY BOY(60009), DORA(60627), BABY(48460), CARMEN(61631), GROBAN(60996), TOOTSIE(60683), BROWNIE(60686), SQUIRT(62415), JAKE(61366), TACO(54040), ROSIE(64186), PRECIOUS(64253)- , DEXTER(64258), MICKEY(29035), CHAMP(64529), BANDIT(64945), TACO(62056), CRACKERJACK (64868), TOODLES-RIP & LIL BIT-RIP(64619), MAGGIE(61521), PONCHO(65228), BEATRICE(23409)- , YOYO(66402), LUNA(66394), GINGER(56616), KODA(46757), FONZIE(67890), MAGGIE(68067), BONITA(67978), TOOTIE(68428), PENNY(68712), MICKEY(70013), SOPHIE(70791), SASHA(70787). workin at the chi-club !
My favorite hang out spot? on the couch
My favorite grub: chicken or any meat
My favorite treat: bones
My favorite tricks: high 5
What I love about my owner: everything
Motto im cute and that's a fact !
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