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**Please Read** On February 13, 2013 Carmel passed. My dad and step-mom were in Wisconsin and my step-mom was out on the lake with Carmel, and there happen to be one small hole on the lake, and my step-mom looked away for a second and looked back and Carmel had fallen in the hole.. There is so much ice on the lake and we don't now where the hole came from. There is about 6ft of ice on the lake, so we don't now how he got in. My step-mom jumped in after but he was too far down, the lake is 4ft where he fell in but with all of the ice and how cold the water is, we couldn't go in. My dad jumped in but could not find him. Thank God Candi was not near. My dad looked for 3hours for Carmel, but no luck. Yesterday, they called a rescue diving team to look for him, they searched for 4hours and cut a 10ft by 10ft hole in the lake through the ice, but no luck in finding him.. they did all the could and said when the ice starts to melt, we should find him... This hurts so much. Carmel was our little buddy. Please pray that we can find him in the Spring, please. all we ask. And we are sorry, but mom does not want to go on here until she heals...her heart is broken. We love all of you and please, keep us in your prayers. Mom wants her baby x( Sorry for the sad news... We hope all of you are doing well..


♦ Petey ♦ New Pictures =)

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Hi! My name is ♦ Petey ♦ New Pictures =). I am a Boxer from New Lenox, IL

Nicknames: Pete, Peter, Petey Pete, Petey Man,Weirdo, Stinker, Crazy Dog, Psycho, and Peter Pan
Birth Day, Month and Year: 5/7/2007
Age: 9
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: He learned sit, stay and paw when he was just a few months old.
My pet peeves: When people pay more attention to my sister Maxi, loud sounds, the vaccuum, when theres flys in the house(mom says 'petey fly!' and i come running), High pitched sounds, When the doorbell rings, and when people walk past the house with their dogs
My hobbies: Running around the yard with Maxi, Playing catch, Watching out the windows, Barking at anything outside, going for walks, Guarding the yard, and Swimming in pool or cooling off in hot tub
My favorite hang out spot? On a couch with my mom, on a bed, in my cage, by any window in the house, outside on the loungers, in the pool, or in moms closet when I know I'm in trouble...
My favorite grub: Science Diet dog food
My favorite treat: Big milkbones, pig ears, rawhide chewies, hot dogs, Scooby Snacks, popcorn, Ice cream, Denta bones, Rice, Ground Beef, Mashed Potatos
My favorite tricks: sit, lay down, give paw, speak
What I love about my owner: She is my mommy, she lays with me, feeds me treats, Brings me places, Lets me go in the pool, and runs around with me outside
Motto * ~Petey was diagnosed with Addison's Disease Dec. 2010~ * ♦ Won DOTD January 19, 2011 ♦ * Two boxers are better than one! * My sign: Taurus * A Dog will always be a dog, no matter what. *
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