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Hi all. Happy Sunday! Sorry for once again not posting for about a month :/ Things are ok but busy still. Mom's still looking for a part-time job while also trying to get back into the school system to substitute teach. She's also been doing a lot of weeding lately at her church; the flower beds and all have gotten really overgrown, she says, and she's trying to get a team of people together to help keep up with the weeding. She got a lot of bug bites the other day. Silly her forgot to use bug spray. And Big Sis is still busy looking for a part-time job or better full-time job. She had an interview last week for a part-time library job at her old college, and the interview seemed to go well. They started doing reference checks Wednesday, but she hasn't heard anything further. She's afraid they've chosen someone else, but hopes they've just been taking longer than she thought to pick someone. Prayers please for her to get this job, or find something else soon. She's getting really tired and frustrated with looking. And her boyfriend could uses prayers, too. He's going through some rough, personal times right now, and is just starting to make a little progress.


Angel Cinnamon - Sis's book Kismet and Tell - on Amazon & B&N

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Hi! My name is Angel Cinnamon - Sis's book Kismet and Tell - on Amazon & B&N. I am a Poodle, Miniature from Virginia Beach, VA

Nicknames: Cinnamonster, Cinnamon girl, Spaz, Pup-Pup, Plushie-pup
Birth Day, Month and Year: 7/5/2001
Age: 14
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: AARD MEMBER SINCE 07/07
I've learned a few tricks; I know what the words "walk", "leash" and "keys" mean; I bark at kitty brother Shadow when he does something he shouldn't; and I ask to go outside when I need to, though sometimes it takes a few tries to get someone's attention. Plus I've learned how to use my cuteness to my advantage in order to get things or to keep my owners from being angry with me for long :)
My pet peeves: the vaccuum; when kitty brother Shadow makes noise in the middle of the night to go outside; and walking on rainy/snowy ground.
My hobbies: Sleeping; eating; going for walks; playing keep-away; lap-laying; lying on top of the sofa; stealing kitty brother Shadow's toys; and going for rides in the car. I also like to collect socks and Mom's knee-high nylons, and will often greet someone with one of them :)
My favorite hang out spot? wherever my mom or big sister (my owner's daughter) is
My favorite grub: anything, but mainly Beneful or whatever people food I can get
My favorite treat: I like "cookies" or any scrap of food
My favorite tricks: I stand and turn around, sit, and lie down for "cookies".
What I love about my owner: She gives me food, love, and attention.
Motto Hail the power of Cuteness! And check out my kitty brothers and sister on Catchannel: Shadow 52644 (COTD 9/7/08), Gizmo (in memory)54465, and Smokey (in memory)54503. DOG OF THE DAY 4/9/08 and DOG OF THE WINDOW; 2nd DOTD 11/13/09; 3rd DOTD 9/10/12; 4th DOTD 9/23/13 - THANK YOU EVERYONE!
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