Dachshund | MALE | 14 YEARS OLD | Boston, MA

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Hi! My name is Ozzie. I am a Dachshund from Boston, MA

Nicknames: Ozzie Osbourne, Ozwald, Mr.Poopers,Little Man, Oz, Hound Dog, Mr.Oz
Birth Day, Month and Year: 3/27/2002
Age: 14
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: Ozzie has completed Dog Obedience, Rally-O, Agility and has been in Behavioral Training for 4+ years now.
My pet peeves: I don't like people walking in front of the house. I shake and hide when the fire detector goes off or if someone is using the frying pan. I'm not sure if I hate or Love car rides. The whole car ride I howl, shake and cry. I only like kids i've grown up with. I don't care for other dogs and will readily attempt to assert myself (all bluff). I once scared a huge great dane.
My hobbies: I LOVE to sleep. I would sleep all day if I could. I love to lay in the sun. Love to eat, love to play with my Canine Mommy (13 yr old Retriever, Sassy). Love to play "BALL", Ozzie love to snuggle with any family member. I like to bark at people and other dogs through windows. My biggest hobby is being CUTE and Adorable!
My favorite hang out spot? Anywhere as long as one of my humans are sitting with him. Love to sleep in the living room when the sun shines in.
My favorite grub: I LOVE PASTA! I'm a pasta puppy. I also likes Vanilla Ice Cream.
My favorite treat: Denta Stix....I go CRAZY for them!
My favorite tricks: Sit, down, stay, come, front, about left, about right, sit pretty, wait, heel and crawl.
What I love about my owner: I love my owners! My mom is very kind and she loves me. When she's sick or feeling down i love to give her 'kisses' to cheer her up. My other owner Tommy! is great. I sleep in his bed with him when he's around and he plays ball with me and we lounge around the house together on those "lazy days". I love to snuggle up on his lap and he really cares about me.
Motto "If it moves, im gonna chase it! "Release the HOUND!"
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