Golden Retriever | FEMALE | 21 YEARS OLD | Boston, MA

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Hi! My name is Sassy. I am a Golden Retriever from Boston, MA

Nicknames: Sas, Sass-a-frass,little girl,old lady, Mama's girl
Birth Day, Month and Year: 8/20/1995
Age: 21
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Sassy is a great dog. She hasn't had any professional training. Believe it or not she trained herself. She's very smart.
My pet peeves: Children, im an older dog and they just rub me the wrong way. I dont like it when people touch me when im eating. My owners say i have something called 'Food agression?' Sometimes my hips are sore so please be careful. I dont like going to the vet. My vision isn't that great anymore so if you are new and you come to my house i will bark like crazy and run after you, but i have never hurt anyone. Im really all bluff. As soon as you pet me we are friends for life.
My hobbies: When i was younger i used to run outside after squirrels, chase balls, i LOVED frisbee, and i love to just be around my humans. Now at my old age i usually sleep alot, eat, go to the bathroom and im always lookin for attention and affection. I also sometimes play with my canine buddy Ozzie :)
My favorite hang out spot? I love to sleep where ever i can. My owners bought me a big comfy firm bed and i love it! I love to go on car-rides!
My favorite grub: I will eat anything that i can. Ever since Ozzie came to us i have to be very quick to eat anything that falls to the ground. I love table scraps, but i get them very rarely.
My favorite treat: I will eat whatever my owners give me, but i love milk bones.
My favorite tricks: I used to be able to sit pretty. Now i sit, stay, speak!, lay down and high-five and give paw.
What I love about my owner: I dont have just one owner. I live with my family in a house with 4 people. There used to be 6 people a long time ago but they've grown up and moved out. Anyways, all my owners are great. They love me and pet me when i come around.
Motto "Did i hear a car door?" "Will you pet me?"
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