Pomeranian | FEMALE | 16 YEARS OLD | Cedar Rapids, IA

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My owner just created a new home page for me.


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Hi! My name is Gidget. I am a Pomeranian from Cedar Rapids, IA

Nicknames: Gidget Girl
Birth Day, Month and Year: 8/2/1999
Age: 16
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: She went through training and accomplished in going to the county fair! Also she has a cookbook about her that took a red ribbon in the STATE FAIR!!!!!
My pet peeves: I dislike baths but I deal with them and I also dislike when somebody trys to hurt my family I will do anything to protect them from getting hurt!
My hobbies: Gidget stars in the movie "We go woof", and what that is still being produced "The poor begger pup". Which I wrote these all myself and she is the best actress and model! Modeling pictures will be added soon!
My favorite hang out spot? in my room on my blankie my owner bought for me!
My favorite grub: Whatever is available!
My favorite treat: I love food in general but mommy knows if I eat to much food I get fat and then I have to go for lots of walks!
My favorite tricks: I can sit, stay, lay, and do rally tricks. My owner also sets up agility courses in my backyard for her that I accomplishes every time.
What I love about my owner: Well eventhough I have only been with her for about 4 years it feels like a lifetime because she is always caring for me and she rubs my belly :)
Motto In sickness she is there never leaving my side, When I am angry she is by my side bringing peace with her, When I am sad she is there licking my hand asking if I'm okay. A great dog is there through everything!
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