Shetland Sheepdog | FEMALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Oliver Springs, TN

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: October 27, 2006


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Hi! My name is Firefly. I am a Shetland Sheepdog from Oliver Springs, TN

Nicknames: Fly, FlyFly, McFly, MickieFly, Mckie, Firefla, Little girl, Pretty Babby, and so many more!
Birth Day, Month and Year: 6/19/2006
Age: 9
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Firefly is well trained and has mastered all of the tricks I taught her such as: Sit, stay, heel, down, roll over, paw, shake, High 5, and fetch.She is keen and alert, but she is gentle as long as no one tries to hit me, she will bite!
My pet peeves: Aggressive dogs, children, water, nail clipping,
My hobbies: She loves cat-chasing which I am trying to discourage, she loves playing fetch with her loofa dog toy, she as three.She likes going for her forty minute walks once of twice a day, it depends on my day.
My favorite hang out spot? She loves being by my side and occasionally strays to be with my mom or my grandmother.She loves my bed and likes to stretch out on it when I am not looking.
My favorite grub: Firefly is now an adult, her diet consisting of Canidae Chk. and Rice with three teaspoons of Canned WELLNESS mixed in. She eats a 1/4 twice a day. She loves WELLNESS PureRewards Jerky Bits, Natural Dog Nature Biscuits, cheese, chicken, Old Mother Hubbard P'Nutter and Assorted Dog treats, Nutro Lamb and Rice chop treats, Meaties, Bullysticks, Greenies, Rawhides, Natural chews, raw bones..This is a long list.
My favorite treat: Bullysticks, Greenies, Rawhides, Natural chews, raw bones, Dingo Denties, Merrick's Sausage, Wellness treats, Old Mother treats,..This is a long list.
My favorite tricks: Firefly has quite an impressive list of tricks. We started the basic commands; Sit, down, stay, come, leave, drop it, quiet, and heel. Then to enteraining tricks; Roll over, Shake, High 5, Bow, Jump, Spin, Play dead, Jump Backwards, Speak, Howl, Hide-n-seek, Crawl, Crossing her paws, and so many more.
What I love about my owner: Firefly and I have a very close bond like all Shetland Sheepdogs do with their owner.We take care of each other, physically and mentally.She is always the one who calms me down after a tough day, and I calm her when she is frightened of a new experiance.We are a pair match-made in heaven!
Motto Fred is my friend...Fred ROCKS!He is OUR kitten! DON'T touch him! Mine! Grr...
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