Mixed Breed | FEMALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Venice, FL

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Hi! My name is *~Cookie~*. I am a Mixed Breed from Venice, FL

Nicknames: Cookers
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/4/2006
Age: 9
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: When we first got cookie she was only 5lbs. We had her for about 2 weeks and i took her to go get her shots. That night she started acting kinda funny. She wouldn't eat or drink. By the next morning she was back to normal. We were getting ready for a trip a few days later and cookie was going to stay with my boyfriends parents. While we were gone Cookie got sick again and wouldn't eat or anything. They would have to force food into her throat so she would eat. She had no energy to get up and go to the bathroom or anything. We thought we were going to lose her, by this time she only weighed 3lbs. After two days of this my boyfriends parents decided that on monday they were going to take her to the vet to probably get her put down because she was pretty much dead at this point. But an hour later after they made that decision she sat up.. looked around.. and walked over and took a drink from her dish. It was a miracle. We think she had some type of parasite and the medicine they were giving her saved her life. My dog has fought hard for her life. And i promised her i would spoil her and give her the best life!
My pet peeves: Cookie hates to be alone. She has to sleep in between me and my boyfriend at night. Hogging both of our pillows.
My hobbies: Cookie loves to run. Its funny she can out run a jack russell and can almost out run a grey hound. She also loves going to the beach. We take her to the beach and she will swim for a little while but she'd rather be hanging out with the dogs.
My favorite hang out spot? She love boating, and going to the beach. We just got another dog, (Leda) a doberman, and they have become best friends.
My favorite grub: Cookie loves Pedigree wet dog food. We mix that up with some dry dog food. She gobbles it up!
My favorite treat: MILK BONES!!!!
My favorite tricks: Cookie loves to shake, she can do both paws, She also knows how to sit and lay down. We are working on Stay
What I love about my owner: I think cookie loves us because we spoil her. She goes everywhere with us. We just came back from the Keys where we met up with friends who have dobermans and they all played in the nature parks. We recently got cookie a sister, her name is Leda and she is a doberman.
Motto I will be there when you wake up, I will be here when you leave for work, I will be here when you get home and i promise to snuggle with you at night!
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