American Staffordshire Terrier | FEMALE | 11 YEARS OLD | Ocala, FL

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Hi! My name is Casey. I am an American Staffordshire Terrier from Ocala, FL

Nicknames: Crazy Casey, Silly Sally, Big Baby, Big Butt, Trouble Maker, Crazy Butt and the list goes on.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 12/6/2004
Age: 11
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: We are proud that she listens on commands sit, stay, come, no leave it, etc. She wasn't house-trained when we 1st got her from the SPCA so it was very tough in the beginning when we adopted her. She has improved a lot.
My pet peeves: Being alone, the rain, blowing air on her butt and tickling her under her feet. You'll be jumped but first she will give you a chance by looking at you with an evil eye and if you don't listen then she will attack you and hump you later. ha ha!
My hobbies: Running through the woods, looking out the window, the dog park, burping in your face, humping your leg, barking, laying on her back, the beach, tug-of-war, sprinting, running (Catch me if you can), and play-fighting.
My favorite hang out spot? She is anywhere we are like your own buddy guard or shadow, laying out in the sun, at the beach, dog park and the woods.
My favorite grub: Pedigree Dog Food with chicken and gravy. Yummy!! After eating she have to clean her mouth on the carpet. She is such a silly butt!
My favorite treat: she eats anything and everything such as Pupperoni, rawhides, bananas, peanut butter, milk-bones,oatmeal, hot dogs, etc. Yummy Yummy in my tummy! Eat now fart later! :(
My favorite tricks: She loves to lay on her back. She knows how to push a door open when it's not closed all the way. Chasing someone or something gives her a great challenge. She is also very flexible
What I love about my owner: Casey can be a pain in the butt at times when she doesn't listen or by cleaning her butt on the carpet. She does burp in your face, farting next to you, being rude but we love her dearly. She is very affectionate and loving towards us and her sister.
Motto Ban stupid people, not the breed!
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