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Rosie & Ziggy

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Hi! My name is Rosie & Ziggy. I am a Mixed Breed from Santa Cruz, CA

Nicknames: Ziggy has: MoMo, Love Bug, Mr. Grunt (if he doesn't get his way he will grunt no-stop or if you try to talk to him) Also Mr. Wrinkles and Raisin head....Rosie has: Roni, Honey bear, Sweety, Ronia and Spotty girl. Together they have: Sweetums, trouble, pups, and MoMo 'n Rose. We are the Fabulous 3 With Coby
Birth Day, Month and Year: 2/13/2004
Age: 11
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Ziggy is the smartest dog I ever met. He completed puppy school as well as I have tought him many tricks. He is able to walk down a busy street in santa cruz off leash without chasing a suirrel or running away ♥ Rosie has never been to puppy school but I have tought her many tricks at home. She is very treat-motivated. ♥ We won AOTW and DoTD on July 15. Also Dog of the Window (DoTW) that same weekend. Another AOTW in September, 08..... Thank you dearest fur friends ♥
My pet peeves: Ziggy and Rosie are both afraid of strangers. When a person comes into the house who they have never met they will both start barking wildly. They also hate thunder and yelling
My hobbies: We both love swimming, playing fetch, chasing birds, licking people, being cute and sweet, and last but not at all least, BEING BEST FRIENDS ♥
My favorite hang out spot? Rosie and Ziggy and both love the beach. We go there almost every day and sometimes twice a day. We also spend a lot of time at the park/pond where They do a lot of swimming. When I go to the tennis courts to play they often act as my "ball boys" of course then the balls are covered in slober.
My favorite grub: Ziggy and Rosie eat almost any food that we feed then. Although sometimes Ziggy can be really picky about what he eats.
My favorite treat: Rosie and Ziggy will eat any type of treat. They do not really have a favorite. They always love treats Except when Ziggy is at the vet.
My favorite tricks: Rosie and Ziggy both know Sit, Stay, Lay down, fetch, paw, double paw, come, not yet, go, heel, and dance.
What I love about my owner: she loves us no matter what we do!!!! And we love her too! We are both]members of the DC peace team. We are members of the A-team ♥ The A-Team Best Friends.
Motto . Follow your DREAMS in life. Our names are Ziggy and Rosie. Ziggy DOB is 7/14/04. Rosie DOB is 2/13/04. We don't know for sure on either of them. Rosie and Ziggy are both rescue dogs. ♥ Our dogster ID # is 818359
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