Pastina Kachina

Maltese | FEMALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Jupiter, FL

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: February 19, 2008


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Pastina Kachina

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Hi! My name is Pastina Kachina. I am a Maltese from Jupiter, FL

Nicknames: Pook, & Princess Pastina Kachina,& McMuffin, My Lil' Star Noodle
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/17/2007
Age: 9
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: F
Education: Yes my Pastina did complete her 1st Focus Foundaton class end of 2007-2008. I am very proud of her.
My pet peeves: Pastina's pet peeves are, when I am on the computer...She wants to so badly to play,& have my attention 100% of the time! Leading her, to want me off the computer immediately! However, since I am starting an ONLINE LUXURY PET APPAREL & FURNISHINGS CO. NAMED AFTER HER OF COURSE... "Pastina's Pet Boutique", We are working on Pastina having a little more patience, while Mommy is creating our wonderful website.
My hobbies: Pastina's Hobbies include: LOTS of Kisses,Long Walks, Chasing after her Siberian Husky Sister, "Girl" back in forth for hrs. in our back yard. Pastina also LOOVES to play w/ her sister & brother... Our 2 Siamese Twins, "Suki & Sushi" wrestling around on the floor & bed for hrs. as well. Pastina also enjoys Frequent manicures & massages given by her Mommy, as well as her grooming appts! And her favorite thing to...would have to be, getting Dressed up all in her Couture Clothing that I will be selling on Pastina's Pet Boutique's website.
My favorite hang out spot? Pastina looves to hang out in Mommy's lap, or on Mommy's pillow. She enjoy's having playdates w/ her canine friends in the neighborhood as well.
My favorite grub: I would say that Pastina's favorite grub/treats is her Sweet Potato Fries/Dog Treats, & when her Mommy makes Chicken & Rice.
My favorite treat: HER Sweet Potato Fries are her favorite treats!
My favorite tricks: Pastina loves to SPIN around in circles when we are dancing together, she also has learned to sit, give me 5, & speak when told.
What I love about my owner: If Pastina was to tell you what she looves about her Mommy, I would believe she would say, My Mommy's Love & Affection, all the Play time, a warm cozy bed,& good food in my belly, also the BEST brothers & sisters I could ever ask for. These things are what my Mommy gives me everyday! And this is what I love her for! I know she will always be their for me!
Motto Giving our Family, PAW-sitively PURR-fect Love & Care ALWAYS!
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