King Von Lupine

German Shepherd | MALE | 10 YEARS OLD | Naperville, IL

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: November 8, 2006


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King Von Lupine

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Hi! My name is King Von Lupine. I am a German Shepherd from Naperville, IL

Nicknames: My Kennel name is King Von Lupine but my call name is Kain. Erika also calls me her baby boy.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 8/31/2004
Age: 10
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I'm in advanced training at the German Shepherd dog club of Illinois. I am getting my CGC title in November and My CD(or companion dog) in the fall of 2008. Erika Also plans on getting me a CDX and a BH. She wants to start doing tracking and Police/bitework with me. She is proud of herself too. She is 14 and a junior handler.
My pet peeves: I hate it when My sister Nikita loves to get sprayed by the hose because sometimes Erika thinks it's funny to spray me too, so I have to go hide under the chairs on the deck.
My hobbies: Every monday we train at our totally pawsome dog club. You guys should come to. I train everyday with Erika and I could never have any more fun than that. Soon I am going to a ton of dog shows!!!
My favorite hang out spot? Well like I mentioned before I love all my friends and trainers at the Topline German Shepherd Dog Club of Illinois. You guys have to come. Even though it is a German Shepherd club they train all my other friends that aren't German Shepherds too! You can visit us at ,,You won't regret it.
My favorite grub: If you want the ball you have to catch me first.
My favorite treat: I looove milk bones. But when I'm training I don't get treats, Erika rewards me with a jute which is kind of like a tug. It will also help when I am ready to train for my bitework.
My favorite tricks: I sit pretty alot. And while were doing recalls and Erika tells me to finish (go back the the heel position) Erika taught me how to hop a little to make it look a little more fancy.
What I love about my owner: Erika-she's really nice she lets me sleep on the couch even though i'm not supposed to. She's my best friend. Mom- She takes good care of me.
Motto I'm better than you so watch out..jk but I am good.
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