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***Toodles & LittleBit***#64619 Dee's Angels

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Hi! My name is ***Toodles & LittleBit***#64619 Dee's Angels. I am a Chihuahua from Burlington, IA

Nicknames: Toodles is actually my nickname. My "real" name is Tiny Tim because I came into Mommy's home a couple days before Christmas 1982, and her friend named me...but, then Mommy always called me Toodles and her Forever Pumpkin Puppy. Little Bit is 'Tweet Potato. Toodles birthday is December 23, 1977. Little Bit's birthday is April 20
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/20/1995
Age: 20
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: M
Education: No formal training but great manners!
AARD Members Forever!
Members of The Guardian Angel Club
DOTD 3/26/08.DOTD 12/08/09
My pet peeves: Fireworks
My hobbies: Car Rides, Motorcycle Rides and Being Read To.
My favorite hang out spot? Always within a paw's reach of Mommy.
My favorite grub: People Food
My favorite treat: Those little treats that look like a hot dog in a bun, Dairy Queen and Mommy's homemade sugar cookies...no frosting, please.
My favorite tricks: No Tricks Here! Just Treats!
What I love about my owner: Well, let's see...there's all the love'n kisses'n snuzzles'n cuddling. Then, there's the car rides and motorcycle rides, and did I mention all the love?!?
Motto "Did someone say 'Go'?!?"
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