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BAYOU PUPS♥Bonita Loves Taz ♥

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Hi! My name is BAYOU PUPS♥Bonita Loves Taz ♥. I am a Chihuahua from Livonia, LA

Nicknames: BONITA--Bonita Bandita--Baby Girl---TAZ MAN--Little Man-- [TAZ--birthday is April 20, 2008]----MICKEY--Lickey Mickey--[Mickey birthday is Jan. 1, 2004]]---TOOTIE---Cutie Tootie--[ Tootie birthday is Jan. 31, 1998]
Birth Day, Month and Year: 9/21/2007
Age: 8
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: F
Education: BAYOU PUPS want to thank you all for the honor of being chosen DOTD on 1/12/09.***7/2/10*** Bonita GRADUATED from Puppy classes at Petsmart, on Oct. 4, 2008. She can sit, stay, lie down, leave it and take it.***Taz can sit and stay. He can speak very LOUD, when he wants a treat. Angel Tootie taught Taz to lay down. He was home schooled and has learned what Bonita learned in puppy classes.
My pet peeves: Loud noises especially ***THUNDER*** BIG dogs or cats in our yard.--Mickey & Tootie HATE guns and fireworks!
My hobbies: Bonita enjoys running and dancing. She loves modeling all of her cute outfits!** Taz loves to do landscaping. He is always re-designing our flower beds. He is always planting and picking special flowers for Bonita.** All of the Bayou Pups LOVE to hunt frogs and lizards.***We are proud members of The CHIHUAHUA Club*** The Hunting Club*** The Dog Sports Team***The Small Dog Club***
My favorite hang out spot? Inside, we love to lay in the sun in front of the french doors. Bonita likes to lay on top of the sofa watching everthing out of the window. Outside, we love to play on the patio and the back yard. And of course, Moms lap!!!
My favorite grub: Natures Recipe-lamb and rice--Science Diet canned food--We love carrots & green beans mixed in our dry food. We also LOVE pumpkin!
My favorite treat: They all LOVE peanut butter bones & Pupsicles.
My favorite tricks: Bonita loves Ballet dancing and Taz enjoys pulling Bonita around the house on her blanket.--Tootie loves to raise her paws up to praise the Lord.
What I love about my owner: Mom spoils us rotton! They have given us a good home that keeps us safe from the BIG dogs!! She lets us sleep with her Granddaughter, when she spends the night. Mom sneaks us in the big bed whenever she can get by with it!!!!
Motto Having FUN on the Bayou!!! DOTD***Jan.12, 2009*** Surprise DOTD on July 2, 2010***
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