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Hi! My name is Kiki. I am a Shiba Inu from Lakeview, NY

Nicknames: Peach, Beaner, Lover, Ruby, Roo, Darling, Pumpkin, Sweety-Pie, Honey
Birth Day, Month and Year: 1/2/2002
Age: 14
Weight: 26-50 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: My girl went to Canine & Co. in Buffalo, NY and kinda passed. She went there with her prior owners, and then I got her when she was 2 years old (via my dad). With me she sometimes remembers her hand commands, but when we bumped into her old instructor, she remember them perfectly and performed the commands with pride and refinement! She's got a "selective" memory :)
My pet peeves: Other females, the cat trying to sneak in on her food and treats, the CO2 detectors when it gets unplugged, smoke alarmas, not getting treats like she used to, BEFORE her diet, when she doesn't get pets long enough, and not getting picked up before bed then whining at the foot of the bed because she doesn't feel like jumping!
My hobbies: Going for walks, sniffing in the tall grass for rodents, catching snakes, the Shiba 500, sometimes playing catch and tug, exploring when we go camping, playing "catch the kitty" (with her brother from another species, Felis domesticus), and seeing: cousin Riley (English Springer Spaniel),the niece Jasmine (lab mix), the nephew Yogi (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), the unforgetable step brother Achilles (Basenji), and the rambuctious neighbor Tippy (chow/lab mix). She is also a fantastic escape artists. I was surprised once though, because typically whenever she manages to get away on me (3 x's at home in Cattaraugus, which is country AND once in Cheektowaga which is rows of houses with dead ends streets when she managed to get away still attached to her runner cable from a screw in chain) she has to be CAUGHT (always has been within 15 minutes) but the one night when I was sleeping and my boyfriend let her out, she got away, and him not wanting to freak me out in the middle of the night, tried chasing her for 20 minutes and then lost sight of her. So, he came home, pacing trying to deicde whether to wake me up, so he goes back out for about an hour. When he comes back he waits 20 minutes and hears a scratcing at the door, low and behold there is Kiki coming home, walking in the house apparenly quite proud of herself. I'll never know where she went or what in the hell she did, but I do know this, she loves me enough to come back home to me, in which some dogs might not do. But she did!!
My favorite hang out spot? The new burgandy leather sofa, the bed by the window, her doggy bed in the living room by her favorite window, the mismatched ottoman also in front of the window (in which I couldn't get rid of because she pouted), laying outside by her momma (me!), and hanging out in the back window of the vehicle. ALSO, she loves going to the beaches and frollicking in the sand and where the water just hits it!
My favorite grub: Cheese, bacon, eggs (everything in a breakfast sandwhich), pasta, rice, fruit gummies, tomatoes, ground beef, giblets, turkey, and the cats food and/or anything the cat might have!
My favorite treat: Her favorite treat has to be her few times in the hot, 90 degree summer weather when she gets ICE CREAM! We try to make 2 or 3 special trips to Dairy Queen where she gets to indulge in a small vanilla (or twist) in a bowl, which is sometimes accompanied by rainbow sprinkles.
My favorite tricks: Kiki says, "Puh-lease, I am not a parading monkey!". She's good at pulling during walks and hiding under the bed so we can play the "hands game" and then being lured out via treat!! She selectively conjures up in her memory the sit and lie down hand command
What I love about my owner: The treats mom sneaks me once in while, the rubbings when we're in bed for the night and I cuddle in her belly and fall asleep next to her. Getting rubbed randomly for hours during movies or while she's reading a book! I love that my mom devotes her life around me and is even going to school to be a doggy nurse or even doctor, just so she can take care of me when I get sick! I LOVE that she takes me to the beach to play and NEVER lets me off of my leash to run (probably a good idea, I might start a fight with another bitch, meaning un-neutered female of course!).
Motto "What's your's is mine"
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