German Shepherd | MALE | 15 YEARS OLD | Deer Park, TX

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Hi! My name is Logan. I am a German Shepherd from Deer Park, TX

Nicknames: BoBear, Buddy Row, Bubby, Woger, Loge, Logie & Loger.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 6/29/2000
Age: 15
Weight: more than 100 lbs.
Gender: M
Education: I work at nights with my mom and watch out for intruders while we are there.I also helped find my human sister one time when we were camping and she wandered off without telling us. I did do some basic obeidience as a puppy.But the rest I just learned cause I'm smart
My pet peeves: Squirrels, I love to chase them up the tree. They love to throw things at me and tease me.
My hobbies: Going to the dog park, chasing the laser light, playing with toys, Catching frisbees and camping.And did I mention, I am obsessed with chasing the laser lights.
My favorite hang out spot? My favorite place is the local dog park. When I'm not there I just hang out wherever my mom is.
My favorite grub: anything my family is eating.But I really love a can of wet food over my dry food for dinner.
My favorite treat: I love Milk Bones, and chew bones
My favorite tricks: I can roll over, speak, crawl, track people by scent, and alot of other neat tricks.I'm really a smart guy....
What I love about my owner: She treats me like a true family member and takes care of me no matter what I need or how much it costs.I love her and she loves me.
Motto Treat your pets like they are family. My birthday is June 29, 2000 Logan Loves Harper Girl
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