Mixed Breed | MALE | 12 YEARS OLD | New York, NY

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Hi! My name is ChenFu. I am a Mixed Breed from New York, NY

Nicknames: My full name is Chenron Fu Manchu, but it's easier to just say ChenFu, isn't it? I'm also called Fu-Boy and Chen
Birth Day, Month and Year: 11/11/2003
Age: 12
Weight: 10 lbs. or less
Gender: M
Education: I'm still learning alot, though I've got the basics almost all down. Gimmie a break though, I just got adopted a month ago!
My pet peeves: Over zealous pups (but only if they approach me first), delayed subway trains (the 6 train on a sunday morning? It's a horror :[ ), any fruit in no jumping areas (aka: the counter aka: so unfair), overly dominant males (who are YOU pushing? >:| ), not being able to say hello to EVERY frenchie, pug, or boston terrier in sniffing distance (hey, you like redheads, I like smushed faces. oh and small dogs with curly black hair ;] )
My hobbies: I "work" with my daddy at Eva's Play Pups, a boarding/day care/grooming/rescue facility in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. By work of course we mean run around playing and taking naps in the office with Emma the pitbull and Puppy-Pup the shepard-mix when I've had too much for one day. Outside of work, I enjoys riding the subway, wandering about Manhattan and Brooklyn, adding stuffed animals to my ever-growing toy box, buying new clothes, reading, and watching movies.
My favorite hang out spot? Eva's Play Pups. I'm there 5 days, 40 hours a week, but I still paws and whines at the front door every single day to get in! I also loves my uncle Saylo's house, and to check out and and every subway station I haven't been carried around in yet.
My favorite grub: My raw food diet. Yomyom!
My favorite treat: MANGOS ARE THE BEST! However I also enjoy Flossies and any kind of turkey pattie as well.
My favorite tricks: Finding a way to get ontop of high furniture and secure surfaces, Jumping over anything under four feet high and running to the top of a set of steps so that I can turn around and wait patiently for my daddy to catch up.
What I love about my owner: He doesn't make me wear silly things, just clothes he'd be just as comfortable wearing (if they were made for him) so that I don't get cold. He understands when I don't like someone and respects it as long as I'm not rude or loud about it, and he makes sure every room in the apartment has something comfy for me to lay on. He understands that my seperation anxiety isn't my fault, and spends the time working on it with me instead of just hoping it will go away.
Motto Too high of a jump? Just find another way up.
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