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Hi! My name is Margarite Mae. I am a Schipperke from New Berlin, WI

Nicknames: My dog has a lot of cute nicknames. The most popular is Maggie that is what we call her cause her fullname is to long. Antother is poodle paw we call her that cause when she went to the docter they had to give her a shot and in order to do so they had to shave her paw and that is what her foot looks like now.And another is vampire dog. She got that nickname cause one day my dad had Maggie on a leash and when i was walking on to the bus Maggie went insane and starts barking really loud and then when i got on the bus my friends said she looked like a vampire so that is why we call her that. I'll give you a couple more nicknames with out explaining them, Alligater, Dogzilla, Angel, Princess, Sleepyhead, Squiggle Wiggle, Black Bear, Cutie Pie, Cupcake, Buttercup, Maggie Mae, Catdog(cause she looks like a cat and a dog),and there's alot more.
Birth Day, Month and Year: 11/27/2000
Age: 16
Weight: 11-25 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Maggie is a very smart dog but since my family dosent want to waste are money traveling with Maggie and going to dog competitions i just train her the basics.Like sit, stay, her name, come, beg, speak, stand, down, playdead, rollover, put away, and this one trick i taught her were she stands at the end of one room then i go into the next room and i use hand motions to signal her to go into the room i am but by running.She can run really fast.But maggie knows a couple more tricks but i wont put them down.
My pet peeves: Maggie dosent really have many pet peeves except that she dosent like to wear clothes(cause when we do put clothes on her she freezes and wont move and she puts this sad face on) but she is afraid of a lot of things. Like the vacum cleaner, balloons, big dogs, fire works, crackaling fire, thunder, loud noises, and alot more, i guess you could call her a scardy cat.
My hobbies: Maggie likes to play outside in the yard and she likes to play indoors other wise she likes to play with her toys and stuff like that. She's pretty much the typical dog.
My favorite hang out spot? Maggie likes to be were ever the family is but other wise she has a couple placess... like under small tables, cause that is were she feels safe, between the side table and the couch, in the dinning room,in the base ment on a lounge chair.And on "her" chair by the window so she can see everthing out side and know what is going on, cause her breed is a guard dog, she likes to stay on top of things.
My favorite grub: Maggie loves hambuger and tuna fish wraps, she'll practictly eat anything in her face. But if its kibble and we wont give her any "human" food, it'll do.
My favorite treat: Maggie loves puperonie (its this one treat and instead of peperonie its puperonie)
My favorite tricks: Maggie dosent really have many favorite tricks but the one she does the most is beg.
What I love about my owner: h kden sjen gsdjnak kwqv hdjdhs hdgh hdjf dj hdj jdte kwirdag jgjf hfje jd hdu jst ox eh qmd gdhhrbu bgf njgfhdfd hjd hjsd hgdfjk fhdf hj sdfg uj ggfefc. d dfgfkjk gfh dfj shifdg sdkghd(thats dog typing for "I love them because they always take care of me and they always play with me and get me up and running for exersise and they always feed me when im hungry. I couldnt ask for better owners.)
Motto Together Forever <3 Also I'm in search of a df(dog friend other none as boy friend)
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