Kota Bear ~Is Loving Summer~

Labrador Retriever | FEMALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Poplar Grove, IL

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: August 15, 2008


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Kota Bear ~Is Loving Summer~

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Hi! My name is Kota Bear ~Is Loving Summer~. I am a Labrador Retriever from Poplar Grove, IL

Nicknames: Puppers, Biscuit Eater, Snorty, Fuzzy
Birth Day, Month and Year: 4/23/2006
Age: 9
Weight: 51-100 lbs.
Gender: F
Education: Kota last year passed her Canine Good Citizenship Test through 4-H with me, and this past summer she passed the Beginner level in 4-H as well. We plan to do some fall and spring Agility trials through a close-by kennel, and hopefully do well seeing as how she loves to jump around at home, haha. But she has also achieved getting my love through her loyalty and kindness and obedience to me and my family.
My pet peeves: You know how dogs must smell each other to clear up some facts? Well she loves to do that, but her biggest peeve is having others sniff her behind. If she catches a dog going that way, then she whips around and just looks at them funny. But she doesnt mind humans, just dogs, haha.
My hobbies: She loves agility, and she can play soccer to. Though she loves to chew on her hot dog toy, and it's always funny to watch her try and fling it around herself when she randomly gets bored. But she loves to makr friends with new mailpeople-the others give her treats and love her to death-and to carefully watc hthe moves of bunies and squirrels in the big backyard. And she loves the summers where she can hang around with other dogs at our 4-H training sessions. everybody loves to see her there because of her fun side. But we love to go on walks. Her mainly because in another neighborhood there is a pond with geese sometimes in it or ducks-and she's a hunting dog so...-and just sit and watch until they swim away. Not to mention, during the winter it's alllllll about hunting for her and my dad. They love it, and she began right when we got her. She caught on her first winter before she was 1, and others thought she was at least 4 but we said, not even close to one. That's how much natural instinct this dog has.
My favorite hang out spot? She has two depending on the weather. If it's very hot or even a bit muggy she lays under my dad's truck in the garage on the cool cement floor. Of course, she moves and comes to us when we come out to leave. During the fall, when it's cool but still nice out, she lays around on the deck and watches us and the backyard. She likes to roll in the leaves to.
My favorite grub: She loves her Nutro lamb and rice formula. We always get her a jumbo g or two if we run out. But on Sundays she also gets the crust from one of our sandwhich's from lunch. She enjoys her little scrap food.
My favorite treat: Her Nutro treats. We try to get different flavors if they havent run out. You know how Petsmart has been these days, with the whole shortages on main food, but ours actually has shortage on treats to.
My favorite tricks: She has several: well, her hunting cues and such, but when we got her i taught her how to crawl, sit-up and wave, and high-five. I really want to samba though, so we may try that, haha!
What I love about my owner: she loves me a lot, and always has two bowls of water for me in summer, and makes sure to get my water a little warm in winter. They also give me a fan to be by at night in summer, and bring me in at winter to. But the best thing i love about her, is that she loves me. If she were not there, who would feed me, give me treats, walk me everyday, or just come out to pet me every now and then? I don't think anyone cares as much she does about me, and i hope she knows that i love her to.
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