Delta Dawn is waiting for the Easter Bunny!

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Oh where, Oh where, has the Spring weather gone, Oh where, Oh where can it be...With the warm sunshine and the air conditioner on, Oh where, Oh where, has it gone.

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Delta Dawn is waiting for the Easter Bunny!

Delta Dawn is waiting for the Easter Bunny!'s Polls

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What room in my Haunted Mansion did you like the most or should I say, scared you the most!

End on 10/22/2012

Rooms from the US Capitol pictures. (Nacho, Delta, Jax, Bella Boo)


The Haunted Dog House. (Misha, Jammer, Chloe)


The Rooms from the movie "The Shining". (Zeus and Stormy)


The Disney Haunted House (Millington Dawgs)


Misc. Rooms (Dakota, Bob, Alex)


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If they had a Dog Olympics, what event would you compete in?

End on 3/8/2014

Happy Presient's Day. Who would make a good DC Dog President?

End on 3/1/2014

Who is your favorite celebrity canine?

End on 11/27/2013

What outfit should I wear for Halloween?

End on 10/31/2013

Who will you vote for in September for DC DOTM?

End on 9/14/2013

Who is your favorite college football mascots?

End on 8/23/2013

What is the best way to handle "Robo Pup"?

End on 8/16/2013

Which outfit best describes what Delta is wearing?

End on 8/10/2013

What is the worse command your owner can say to you?

End on 6/30/2013

What is your favorite Elvis Movie?

End on 6/23/2013

How high can you jump?

End on 5/25/2013

What is your favorite canine nationality?

End on 5/13/2013

Vote for the best name for Delta Dawn's Baseball Team!

End on 4/23/2013

Who is riding on the bestest Easter Float? Had to group Floats due to space limitations. Since we only had one marching band, Khia wins that category!

End on 3/30/2013

Who has the best photo in My Photo to win in my "Best Almost Irish Breed Look Contest"?

End on 3/9/2013

How many breeds of Irish dogs do you think there are?

End on 3/4/2013

How much time do you spend on Dog Channel answering your blogs?

End on 2/12/2013

In order to celebrate my DOTM honor, should I have a parade or a party? Let me know.

End on 12/10/2012

What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

End on 11/23/2012

What is your favorite Halloween movie?

End on 11/1/2012

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