♦ Pace, Chewy(pictured), Chloe, & Pirate ♦

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Okay, it has been a crazy long time. But, we came on today to give you guys some news. 1) We will possibly be moving cross country. 2) I (Jess) am still struggling with issues here. That's is basically why we havnt been on. Issues. All the pups are okay though. Everyone of them is still here and doing great^^ unfortunately this might be our last time coming on in a while. We have many things that we need to work through here, relationship wise and some other issues. We just want to let you guys know we all love each one of you. I hope you guys can forgive us. <3


&diams; Pace, Chewy(pictured), Chloe, & Pirate &diams;

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What picture should we submit of Pirate for the "Cutest Puppy" contest?

End on 11/21/2012

#1. Second row, last picture.


#2. Second row, middle picture.


#3. Second row, first picture.


#4. Either one of the "Stick" pictures


#5. First row, first picture.


Previous Polls

Had you become used to your dogs smell when other people he stinks?

End on 5/25/2013

What tool should I use for Pirate's pulling? Please judge by the proper use of the tool and not just because you don't like it or it has caused harm. Tools only cause harm when used wrong.

End on 5/27/2013

What type of dog beds do you (the human) like to use or would like to use for your dog?

End on 5/15/2013

So, do you think this: Small- $5-7 ; Medium- $7-10 ; Large-$10-15 ; XL- $15-20, is a good price for the SIZE of the dog bed? (Also, I need some example of different size dogs so customers can compare what size their dog will need, Fx: Large=Labrador, American pit bull terrier, ect. Please leave your thoughts on my page. )

End on 5/14/2013

If you were able to obtain a wolf-like dog what would you name him given the following names...?

End on 4/24/2013

Do you believe that all dogs, no matter what breed NEEDS a job?

End on 3/17/2013

If your owner has any type of iPhone, do they have any apps about dogs?

End on 1/30/2013

What type of hair cut should Chewy (male, silver, brown, black and white) and Chloe (female, brown and white) get?

End on 2/7/2013

How many times do you refill your dogs water during the course of a day?

End on 1/30/2013

Who is more cute? Chewy (as a puppy) or Pirate (as a puppy)?

End on 11/23/2012

I got my Dog Fancy magazine for the year 2013, do you like the new sections and look to the new DF?

End on 11/17/2012

Which city is the the winner for the 2012 DOGTOWN USA (In Dogfancy)?

End on 11/5/2012

Do you ever think about what your dog might be thinking of you when he just sits and stares at you?

End on 10/16/2012

Since Asha came along (the first two pictures of the American bulldog in my pics that we gave as a present to someone) Mom wants an American Bulldog, but she also wants to adopt. Should Mom get (a) girl or boy and (b) baby or adult? P.S. Mom has tons of time on her hands, enjoys going outside, but loves to chill too, what would best suit us?

End on 10/14/2012

Have you ever taken your dog on a boat ride with you?

End on 9/16/2012

What size dog would you prefer to have?

End on 9/17/2012

Have you every cut your dogs Quick while cutting his nails?

End on 8/9/2012

Has your owner ever taken you to Petsmart or Petco?

End on 7/5/2012

If your dog was a human, what type of music do you think he would like?

End on 6/23/2012

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