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American Pit Bull Terrier | FEMALE | 5 YEARS OLD | Louisville, KY

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: November 28, 2010


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My fiance and I moved into our first apartment together in October. I have always had big dogs, and she always had little dogs. We decided to wait for a while before we even discussed getting a dog. In our first week here I met the guy that lives downstairs from us and found out that he breeds pitbulls. He had a 5 month old female and a 6 week old male and female. I kept hinting to my fiance how much I wanted one of them. She kept saying absolutely not. She was brainwashed by the media and believed all of the stereotypes about pitbulls. I had been around them all of my life, so I knew first hand what great dogs they really are. Within a week the older female had been bought, and so had the younger male. The young female was the only one left, but she had been the one I had my eye on the entire time anyway. She was the runt of the litter, but was so adorable and had such a great little personality. The guy had her outside one night and we were talking. I couldn't take it anymore!!! It was a Monday and I didn't get paid until Friday and only had $20 cash on me. I asked him if I gave him the $20 if he would hold her until Friday for me. He told me that if I promised to be good to her that I could go ahead and have her for free. I couldn't believe it. All that was left was to break it to my fiance. I walked in and she was laying on the floor (We hadn't got our couch yet) watching TV and didn't turn around when I came in. I set the puppy down and she walked over and licked her on the ear. She looked and immediately started throwing a fit, but I already would not have given my baby up for anything in the world. Later that night I brought the puppy in the bed with us. She curled up in a ball in my fiance's neck and went to sleep. I could actually see her heart melt. Every since then she has done nothing but make us both smile. I wouldn't trade our little family of 3 for anything in the world.

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