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Lady Harley

Australian Cattle Dog | FEMALE | 9 YEARS OLD | Dale City, VA

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: November 28, 2006


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Lady Harley

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How We Met?

She chose us. Actually, I think she was led to us by my "Skipper Angel." I lost an 11-year-old Cockapoo back on December 26, 1996 to cancer. I was devastated for a very long time. My husband and I had just gotten married in September of 1999 and were in the process of buying a house in February of 2000. We agreed that we would not even think about adopting a dog until we were all settled into the house for at least a year. Well, Harley had other plans. One chilly day in late February, this gorgeous dog came trotting along behind this gentleman walking down the sidewalk. We asked him, "Is that your dog? She's beautiful!" He told us that she was not, and that he had actually been trying to shoo her away for a while now. During that brief 10 second conversation, this gorgeous creature trotted over to me and my husband and plopped herself in front of me as if to say, "OK, I'm here. Congratulations, your my new mommy." Well, I just couldn't turn her away, and I just knew someone must be missing her, so we took her in with every intention of returning her to her rightful owner. I posted signs all over the neighborhood, put ads in all the papers, and called several local shelter and animals hospitals. During this time, I had her checked out and fully vaccinated at our vet's office, and until we moved into our house, she stayed with my sister-in-law because our apartment building did not allow dogs. No one ever called or showed up to claim her, which really surprised me...she is so beautiful and was so well-behaved! So, I took that as a sign from our Heavenly Father and my Skipper Angel that it was time for me to start sharing my heart and home with a new canine companion. She's been with us ever since, and we absolutely adore her!

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