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Daisi Mia

Australian Shepherd | FEMALE | 7 YEARS OLD | ofallon, MO



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Daisi Mia

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How We Met?

A breeder in St. Louis had a new litter of Aussie pups. We gave them a call, to get more information. Our family hadn't even heard of an Australian Shepherd until we saw the small ad in the newspaper, with a tiny black/white picture of three Aussies. They were so adorable, so we looked them up, as the breeder told us. We did much research on different colors, sizes, types and any kind of Aussie out there. The family decided on getting a red or blue merle, whatever was available or was a better fit in the family. We called the nice breeder back, asking if he had any merles. "Yes!" he told us "4 reds and 2 blues". We talked at dinner then decided that it would be okay that we go see the Aussies. We drove there, finding a pretty large building. The breeder greeted us at the door, then lead us into a large room where a baby gate was. Inside the baby gate contained water dishes, blankets, toys and most importantly- the 7 week old Australian Shepherd puppies. They wagged their little tails and twirled in circles. We heard a "click click click" on the floor and turned around and found a bueatiful red merle Aussie walking across the floor, her claws clicking against the tile. She sat down at my side and looked at me. The dog, who was the mother of the cute litter of Aussies, name was Molly. We greeted the mother, talked with the breeder, then picked up each of the gorgeous puppies. There were 6 pups in all, all boys exept for 2. 4 red merles, and 2 blue merles. I looked at their eyes.. finding sparkly brown ones staring right at me. I looked at the puppy, a blue merle in the back, not jumping on us. I walked around the baby gate, heading towards the fearful pup. I reached out and touched her head. She looked at me blankly, then wagged her tail and stood up putting her paws on my arms. I picked up the nice dog, and she lay still. We ended up taking the little blue merle home THAT day. Our family let her say one last goodbye to her mother, then took her in the car where she was heading to her new home

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