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Bichon Frise | MALE | 10 YEARS OLD | Burlington, ON

CLUB DOG MEMBER SINCE: February 7, 2009


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All of a sudden, I was wanting to have a baby really badly, but I am not married, so I couldn't....well I could, but you know... So I thought about getting a dog. I love puppies because they're so playful and they thrive on love and affection, which I love giving. My mom knew a family through another friend of hers that had a dog. They got this dog when he was 2 months old. It was actually the 16 year old son who bought the dog from a breeder. He saved up for a long time. He loved his dog so much and he named him Benny. But after having the dog for 2 years, his mother had a baby. She thought it would be too much work to have a dog and a baby. :( She said that Benny kept trying to lick the baby and play with her. Being the Bichon Benny is, he would jump really high and lick the baby's head and the baby's toys. The mom was complaining that he kept smelling the baby's toys and trying to smell the baby so they had to get rid of him fast. :( My mom heard about their "plight" and she called me up and said: "Do you want a dog?" I was very surprised that her of all people, was asking me. She was always against having pets. (She said dogs are dirty..lol) But she told me about the family and their situation. I talked to them on the phone and asked questions about Benny. That's how I got Benny. I changed his name to Skye.

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