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~~~~Summer was the first pup born to my female Rosie. She was also the only blonde pup(which is a rare color). Breezy is only 3 lbs.

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Hi ya Breezysneaky

Well you had to mention B*A*T*H! Yep my mom got me. Put me right in the tub with no warning or nothin'. But now I'm all soft and cuddly so I guess I didn't mind it. When I was done Ruby got another bath too! HA! Khaleesi is a cool name. Ruby's is just plain Ruby! But she sure gots lOTS of nicknames, just like me. It's going pretty good here so far. I'm sorry you don't like your sister as much but you're right, at least she's no Annie. You be careful around those big ones. Ok sweets? I'm going to take a snooze in my bed under the table. Night sweetcakes! Woofers, Chipperoo

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6/2/2012 4:21:03 PM

Hi ya BabyDoll

Well I guess by now you know I got a new sister too! Isn't it funny that we each got a new sister at the same time???? Momma says I passed the gentleman test with flying colors just like Riley did! :-) I am being on my best behavior with Ruby. I can't imagine losing your parents and not having anywhere to go. At least she knows us. We are just starting to play together. Once we get going it's like a race track around here. Sometimes it looks like she's crying. Her eyes water a lot like mine do. Ruby goes to the vet on Friday and good news is, she has the same vet as we do! How are you getting along with Khaleesi? Gee that's an odd name. What do you call her for short? I hope she is nice to you. She's gonna get BIG so make friends with her now. She would good to cuddle with on those cold winter nights. Have a great day Breezy Girl. Sending you lots of smoochie kisses, heehee Woofers Chipperoozer

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5/29/2012 4:40:59 AM

Hi ya Beautiful

So glad you're eyeing up your spot on the wall for some sunbathing. Our weekend was pretty quiet. Dad worked (what else is new) and mom had to family events to attend so she made sure we got some quality yard time both days. I got some sunbathing in myself and supervised mom putting together the swing for the summer. I LOVE the swing. Me & mom sit and swing every day. Yesterday mom went to her nephews birthday party and at the end of the party he opened his last gift and it was a set of PINK BIBS! The top one said "DADDY'S PRINCESS". That was their way of telling everyone they are having a little girl!!! Then they pulled out a bib that said Madison Elizabeth Lege and that made my Grammy cry so much. Elizabeth is her name too. I guess she didn't want to share her name with the baby, BOL!! She said she was so happy, but I knew better. I seen her crying. People are weird huh? Cry when they'r sad and cry when they'r happy! Mom's back to grooming this week so Riley & I will be busy supervising. Wishing you a great day sweetie and hope your Dad & Travis found some "GOLD"!! Woofers Chippersupervisor Mom's glad her surgery date is a "Happy" day for your grandpa!

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5/21/2012 4:05:07 AM

Hi ya Sweets!

Glad your house is back to peace and quiet. Yeah we're pretty excited about my photo being in Bark. Can't wait to see it. Of course momma sees my smiling face all the time. Yesterday I just kept on smiling a her and had her laughing all day. I guess I was in a pretty good mood. heehee It's so different around here now that grammy & pappy aren't here. We can play and bark anytime we want without worrying about waking them up. So Riley & I want to play ALL THE TIME!!! BOL!!! I'm happy that Michele is getting good tips. Momma likes that too. Mom goes to the Doctor tomorrow to get a date for the surgery. She really wants this overwith as soon as possible. Wishin you the best day for sunbathing. I'll be dreaming of ya sweets!!! Woofs Chipperoooo

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5/17/2012 4:58:04 AM

Awwww Breezy Mole?????

Good thing Annie got rehomed. I was ready to come over there and bite her on the ankle!! No one messes with MY Breezygirl!!! Hmph! I do hope she gets the right home and is happy, but so glad she's not picking on you and Ozzy anymore. Wow that's great about your DAD!!! GOD IS AWESOME!!! Hope he continues to stay Cancer Free!! Yep, I'm getting used to the changes around here. I've never lived in the upstairs like Riley did. Grammy & Pappy were already here when I got here. Mom says I can go visit them soon. Riley already got to visit their new place. Please be careful of those HAWKS sweetie! We have them here too and watch out for them all time. Sometimes they come and sit on our fence right outside our window. They sure are big!!! Well I'm going back under my blankie. It's only 38 here this morning and our heat kicked on! Dreaming of our little getaway beach down in Kokomo! Aruba, jamaica, oooo I wanna take ya to bermuda, bahama, come on pretty momma........la la la la...zzzzzzzzz

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5/11/2012 4:38:50 AM

Hi ya Beautiful

We are keeping your Dad in prayer Sweetie. Praying for all to be well with his blood pressure so he can have the surgery. And praying all goes well with the surgery too!! I hardly been on the DC at all. So much change going on around here. We all moved upstairs where Grammy & Pappy lived and thy're not here anymore. I've been looking for them. They came to visit us yesterday and I was SOOOOOO Happy to see them. So much to get adjusted too, sometimes I get a little freaked out but mom & dad are right here for me to stand on when that happens. BOL! You have a great day sweetheart and don't worry about your daddy. Give him some of those sweet kisses from me OK? He'll like that. Woofers Chipperzoid

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5/8/2012 3:21:55 AM

Thinking about you & your family .. ♥

. I'll Fly Away and sing along! Some glad morning when this life is o'er, I'll fly away; To a home on God's celestial shore, I'll fly away. Chorus: I'll fly away, Oh Glory I'll fly away; (in the morning) When I die, Hallelujah, by and by, I'll fly away (I'll fly away). When the shadows of this life have grown, I'll fly away; Like a bird from prison bars has flown, I'll fly away. Chorus: I'll fly away, Oh Glory I'll fly away; (in the morning) When I die, Hallelujah, by and by, I'll fly away (I'll fly away). Just a few more weary days and then, I'll fly away; To a land where joys shall never end, I'll fly away. Chorus: I'll fly away, Oh Glory I'll fly away; (in the morning) When I die, Hallelujah, by and by, I'll fly away (I'll fly away). Trio Plus

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5/6/2012 6:01:24 AM

Hi ya Sweet Cheeks!

Mom let me come over for a quick visit. She's still getting Grammy & Pappy settled in their new place. A different utility company comes each day to turn something else on for them. Then she had a widsom tooth out two days ago. I stayed right by her side when she got home. Mom shared her jello and pudding with us, then Dad brought her home a milkshake and we got some of that too! Yessir I stayed right by momma's side to take care of her. BOL!!! We even got to sunbath in the yard that day. Mom enjoyed getting some sun with a coldpak on her face. heehee! She said she felt like she was playing hooky. Whatever hooky is, I hope she does it more often!! I LOVED staying with momma all day!! Well we're going over to Kaylee's page to congratulate her on DOTD!! Heehee We were sneaky huh?? Love that you're in the DOTD frame with her too! Hugs & Chi Smooches, Sweet Cheeks! Woofs Chipperoo

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5/5/2012 5:05:20 AM

Hi my precious little lotus flower

heehee You are SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL in your profile pic. Momma says she wants to eat you up!! That kinda scared me a little but she picks my up and makes nummy noises on my chest all the time and think that's what she meant. BOL! Mom will be taking some time off. We're moving my grammy & pappy into alittle apt that's real close to us so mommy can have her surgeries. So if you don't hear from me, it's all mommy's fault. I'll try to be back whenever mom feels good enough to help me type. Have a great day Sweet pea! Woofs Chipper

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4/27/2012 2:53:02 PM

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