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I had been without a dog for five years and saw a shining star one night. I wished that the next morning we would go to the Animal Shelter, and sure enough we did. We could only get a small dog, because we lived in housing and she was the only one available. My mom said she would have to think about the dog, but I wanted her sooo bad, so I begged my dad for her. After a while of convincing, he fnally gave in and I was the proud new owner of a Min-Pin. The shelter staff kept giving us excuses that she was a bad dog, would bite, and tear up the furniture. Come to find out they were going to give her to a drunk guy who was coming to get her, as soon as he got out of the barracks. I already knew she had been abused before and didn't want her being abused any more. So I told my dad I knew she wasn't like that and he told the staff he did't care and was going to adopt her. And sure enough after we had her for a week, none of that stuff ever surfaced.

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Snowy Vote 1,568 for Princess

Im back! Yay!! I really hope everyone had a merry christmas! Whatcha all get? I got a new toy that squeaks! I loved it.. hehe. I missed all my DC friends! Thanks for still remembering us! Me and mum appreciate it. Everything has been ok with us. The ecomoney is taken a toll on our family, and yesterday we had a terrible snow storm. Our power was out so we went over to Rocky. But besides that, the new house is greyt. We need to respond to these blogs so i need to run. we will be writing more often now.(: Hope to hear from you! Greyhound Kisses, Jazz and Hugs from Mum

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12/28/2010 8:38:06 AM

Hi Princess

Hope you had a great Christmas. Sorry we haven't been on DC much this past week. We're finally getting back to normal here. It's just mom & us now. We had a great Christmas. Had a full house which means lots of attention for us. Mom got a "smart phone" for Christmas. She got the new Blackberry Torch & mom says it's smarter than her :) By the time she gets it figured out it will be obsolete. We got more snow for Christmas. Got another 6 inches on Christmas eve. We're up to 20" total now which is a new record total for the month of December. Our average is only 6 inches. Just getting the garbage cans to the curb is beginning to be a real sttuggle. BBS. MisFits

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12/27/2010 5:31:07 PM

Merry Christmas to you

so glad to hear from you. oh we know school has been keeping you and mom busy. just glad to hear from you now and hope to some more over the holidays. so sorry to hear about Tweety!! we know he is having a wonderful Christmas at the bridge. are you going to get some snow? we hope to!! stopping by with thanks for your friendship, wishes of a Magical Christmas and love for you always. today mom was making Santa bread loaves. when she was done she still had the colored egg wash. so guess what she she did! she made purple scrambled eggs and we both enjoyed them. we are maybe going to get some snow. we have already had some sleet so we will see what happens. well we wish you the very best and most magical Christmas ever. love, hugs and prayers always, Rufus and momma Kay


12/24/2010 4:14:13 PM


it was 32F and very windy today so it felt much colder and the cat stayed nice and warm in bed all day mom called him lazy... mom picked her grand daughter up for lunch today they only had 1/2 day of school...leaving a vote, peace, luv and angel kisses....angel lita & mom sally

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12/23/2010 7:36:17 PM

Hi Princess...

Great hearing from you. I missed you, but we understand that everyone is busy at this time of year, and Mom's school works comes first. Wishing you, Mom and your whole family a Very Merry Christmas, and all the best for the New Year. Hope Santa Paws leaves you all lots of presents...Left a Christmas vote....Christmas Shiloh Snuggles...Takoda

Come visit me, Angel Takoda - Rest in Peace - 12/15/02 - 5/11/14 - Thank you all for your beautiful blogs, cards, and well wishes. It means so much to us.. We will be off-Line as we are dealing with our loss. Thank you so much for you thoughts, prays and comments..

12/23/2010 5:38:57 PM

Great to hear from you and your family Princess!

Hey Pals, We probably won't be able to be online again until after Christmas so hoping to share everything I need to now. Well first off, Our kitty Rufus has gone missing, And it isn't like him at all. He LOVES me and my mom and would never be gone for more than a day and he loves attention, Well he has been gone for 5 days, We are all so worried about him. Speaking of being gone, I haven't run away anymore but it seems Bugs Bunny picked up my habits, He was gone yesterday from 1am - 6pm when mom saw him hopping into the yard and put him back in his hutch. Crazy bunny! Mom went shopping for me on Monday, Oh and Chip too, Mom won't let me see what Chip got because she got us the same thing except for one or two differences, But I know what Chips dad got him for christmas! It is a blue really soft bed, and its big too! Hopefully Chip will let me sleep on it too. We are opening both of our presents together tonight because mom has a family thing tomorrow, and then christmas and then she is leaving to go to Bothell again. Then later on she is going even farther south to Vancouver, WA. to see her cousins, She doesn't get to see them much so she is very excited to go! And then we also might move... But just to Blaine, which is about a 45min. drive from where we live now, Mom doesn't really want to move though but we are still weighing out options, She loves living in this little tiny town and being able to look out the windows in our home and see the sun rise over our foothills and to see clear skys and stars and the moon. Oh speaking of the moon, Did anybody see the Lunar Eclipse on the 21st? Mom was really excited for it but it was cloudy here so we didn't get a chance to see it. Well, I think I've covered mostly everything I have wanted to share so have a very Merry Christmas my friends and stay safe! And incase I don't get on before New years, Happy New Year :) Love you all and miss you! We still haven't gotten any snow and we really hope we get a white christmas! Hoping we get some internet for Christmas too! Bol! Lots of Christmas Cuddles & Holiday Love ♥ Zoey, Chip, & Mom Sabrina *We are uploading some new pictures of Chip today this evening also*

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12/23/2010 3:28:23 PM


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12/23/2010 1:57:33 PM

1,563 for Princess

Wow.. its been so long. We missed our friends~ Im so sorry everyone.. mommas been busy with school. We promise to get on more often. Guess what? Momma found my real brother! She had contacted the shelter that had him and they contacted his owner. His new name is Fonzie. (picture collage on my page) He was adopted a week before I was. Momma and his owner are keeping in touch by email. Hopefully we will be able to meet up sometime. A few new pictures. Nothing new has gone on. Rainy today!! Very very rainy! I was so cold and wet when I came inside. Same with momma when she came home from school. Hoping everyone is having a greyt week! Greyhound Kisses, Jazz

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10/2/2010 12:19:55 PM

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