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My owner just created a new home page for me.


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I just feel in love,and he was so sweet to me or anybody he met!!

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10/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

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6/1/2011 1:00:50 PM

Hello members! Just a quick letter tonight, There is a petition that could use signing! http://www.petitiononline.com/bully123/petition.html NO spaces or dashes!!!! See ya soon, and happy birthday to Brutus #44198!

Come visit me, DogChannel's Fight Against BSL

10/27/2010 5:55:21 PM

It's been hot here as well, sometimes even too hot to go to the pool or the creek. Other than that, I've just been getting some mom time & playing with Scatch. hehe. I love you bunches. ♥ Princess

Come visit me, Angels Chata & Duke, Charlie & Tiny, Princess, Scatch

7/24/2010 7:19:12 AM

I'm so glad to hear from you. (: Ohh, I understand...we're now just getting back on from a whole mish-mosh of things we had to do. Blehh. Well nothing much going on here, it's one of those lazee days for me. hehe. How are you love?? I hope all is well. ♥ Princess

Come visit me, Angels Chata & Duke, Charlie & Tiny, Princess, Scatch

7/9/2010 8:36:55 AM


I haven't heard from you in forever darling. Is everything all right?? I love you & Miss you bunches. (: ♥ Princess

Come visit me, Angels Chata & Duke, Charlie & Tiny, Princess, Scatch

6/5/2010 9:21:09 PM

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6/2/2010 2:37:09 PM

Hello, Sorry we havent exactly been on top of things lately. and Sorry to the dogs that still need member pictures. Will do the best I can to get those in the scrapbook! So, a shorter newsletter this week, Why people ban pitbulls: • Biological Misinformation, Pit Bulls jaws dont "lock." • Lack of attention to dog bit statistics, Breed ans have not curbed dog bites. • Another profound lack of attention to reality, pit bulls are even more popular know that they are banned. • Failure to reckognize the obvious, those who want aggressive dogs will raise them, regardless of breed. • Certain states goverment think that pit bulls are to blame for every bite & every attack, They ban them because a few pit bulls bit someone. They dont check into the owners, They kill the dogs. ---------------------------------- Paul Tellings had 3 wonderful pit bulls, No aggression, No faults in behavior and one day somebody saw them in his house and called animal control. They took them away, 1 got to stay, 1 was given away and the other one was confiscated..and destroyed. It did nothing wrong, but because they pass breed bans these innocent dogs are being targeted. BSL accomplishes, nothing. Absolutly nothing. We are here to inform and hope you too will do whatever you can to fight it. JUSTICE FOR BELLA: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/201/justice-for-bella (Remove any spaces or dashes, Except justice-for-bella) This is so sad... Justice for Bucky, Sign please, They have reached their goal but it more signatures could always help. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/203/justice-for-bucky (Remove any spaces and dashes except justice-for-bucky) Thank you. ~~~Zoey #145114~~~

Come visit me, DogChannel's Fight Against BSL

5/12/2010 7:01:27 PM

DC's Fight Against BSL Newsletter -May 5th-

Hello members, Our VP is going to be passing out the news letter today, If you would like to respond just come on down to our page. I.D. #175193. Ok, So, The goverment thinks banning certain breeds is going to reduce dog bites or prevent them. Not the case, In fact when they ban a dog like a pit bull, People who use them for fighting or to gaurd drugs, Will just train another breed of dog to do the same thing. Maybe a golden retriever. Then, They would start banning Golden Retrievers, or Mixed breed dogs, and then the whole cycle would start again and then, Eventually, there would not be that many dogs left. BSL does nothing in these cases. The gov.'t should treat the dog as an individual, Not as the entire breed. I mean, wouldnt that be easier? To ban the ONE dog, and not take out all the K9 dogs, Drug sniffing dogs, Search and rescue, etc. Not all of these dogs did something wrong. The Goverment bans them. All of them. No matter if they are kind and sweet or not. They use a "Rational" Basis Test, Which is a state law that must be upheld if it is "rationally" related to any legitamate interest of state. So really, Even though owning a dog is your 14th amendment property right. They could still take it away. • Quick Fact ~ American Pit Bull Terriers according to the American Temperment Testing Society, Passed with a score of 85.3% Compared to: (Nothing against any of these breeds!!!) American Eskimo Dog- 82.5% Austrlian Shepherd- 81% Border Collie- 80.6% German Shepherd- 83.7% Golden Retrievers- 84.6% Portugese Water Dog (The "First" Dog)- 77% Poodle- 85% Yorkshire Terrier- 82.1% Next Week, Views from a vet. Information about why People ban Pit Bulls. ~Zoey #145114, President~ & ~Brutus & Buckeye #44198 Vice President~

Come visit me, Brutus & Buckeye

5/5/2010 12:42:36 PM


. Please VOTE SILENTLY, DO NOT LEAVE A BLOG . We are trying to ~SURPRISE TT3~ Vote Saturday, May 1st ~Franklin #14384~ DOTD !!! We must make sure this a total SURPRISE to him and his Mom ~*~ Please VOTE SILENTLY, DO NOT LEAVE A BLOG ~*~ We can pull this off, I know we can! Let’s right a wrong that has gone on too long…Franklin certainly deserves and has more than earned your DOTD Vote ~*~ Plz Vote Saturday, May 1st ~ Franklin #14384 Vote Dusty DOTM of May ~*~ DAILY ~*~ BIGGEST START for DOTM !!!! Dusty #23848 Love Ya !! Gail TeamDotd Happy Birthday: Dot-Dot 83839 Angel Coby 65117 Woo 9617 Angel Rico 5284 Goldie 110234 Kelly, Farkle, Keely 27430 Tesha 59732 Blue 87727 {Happy Birthday to my Dad}

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5/1/2010 2:27:02 AM

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