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It actually was very hard to choose out of the litter. His brother kept on jumping up on Dad. The litter just jumped up excitedly and actually made it so hard to choose! But, it was heartbreaking to hear that he was born blind. So we decided to help him. When he got home though, the others seemed to be teasing him for his blindness, so we decided to keep him away from the others. We soon hope to find a doctor or vet that can help his blindness!

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CDC News Part 4 ~ Dangerous Dog Toys

It’s Not All Fun and Games – Potentially Dangerous Dog Toys Many commonly used dog toys can be dangerous if not properly maintained or play is not supervised. Toys can be homemade, purchased or "found.” Make sure you inspect the toy because some toys sold in pet shops and supermarkets feature small parts and decorations that fall off or can be chewed off. These toys can choke your dog, so beware as you make your purchases, and be sure to replace toys immediately if they have parts that appear to be loosening or wearing out. Dog Ball Toys Balls can be deadly choke hazards, depending on the size of the ball and the size of your dog. Smaller sized balls can become very slimy and can slip down your dog's throat and cause her to choke. Tennis balls are among the safest balls for your dog to play with because their size and fuzzy sides make them unlikely to be a choking hazard for most dogs. Dog Bones Before giving any bones to your dog, make sure that they are big enough to prevent swallowing whole. Poultry and rib bones are a bad idea because they tend to break and splinter. The best bet is to buy a natural bone that is specially treated to be safe for your dog. Always supervise your dog while he is chewing a bone because bones can splinter and choke your pet, or cut the inside of her mouth and throat. If you think your dog may have ingested part of a bone, seek veterinary attention for treatment. Stuffed Dog Toys If your dog likes to rip and tear, stuffed toys can be dangerous. If the toy has button eyes or other small parts that can come off, your dog can swallow or choke on them. Also, even if the toy is labeled safe for children (and therefore for pets) the stuffing inside can be another choking hazard and possible intestinal problem if your dog swallows the cotton stuffing. Rawhide Chews It’s important to be aware of your dog’s chewing habits; depending on the quality of the rawhide and your dog's enthusiasm, larger pieces can break off and be swallowed. If the pieces are too large they can cause intestinal blockages. Rawhide that is not made in North America can also contain chemical residues that can be harmful to your dog's health. Always supervise your dog when he's enjoying a rawhide chew. When the size of the rawhide gets small enough that he can put the entire piece in his mouth, it is time to throw it away in order to avoid accidental ingestion


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CDC News Part 3 ~ Do Dogs Talk - Or Don't They?

As pack animals, dogs have developed vocal sounds, as well as body language, to communicate with each other. Canines that live and hunt together in a pack must be able to communicate if they are going to feed themselves, rear their pups, maintain their territories and establish their dominance within their pack. Dog parents must teach their young how to survive and their pups must listen to their parents’ lessons. A male must know how to use body language to defend his place in the pack without having to constantly fight to maintain his position. As a social unit that hunts in a group, dogs must be able to signal an attack and to understand when to move forward and when to stay back. Inter-pack warnings are necessary if an intruder is near. The dog's vocal sounds (barking, growling and whimpering) are the most obvious forms of dog communication. Although barking varies with size and dog breed, it can communicate everything from excitement to fear. It is believed that the characteristic baying sound of some hounds serves to communicate location to their straying pack members. The howl of a wolf serves the same purpose. Growling usually serves as an aggressive warning. Whimpering usually indicates a desire for attention. In addition to vocal sounds, dogs use body language to express their thoughts and feelings. The position of the ears and the position of the tail can carry a strong message to other dogs and even humans. When a dog greets his owner, the tail wags and the ears perk up. In a situation where the dog feels insecure, the tail is tucked between the legs and the ears are lowered. Most dogs will not bite without signaling the intention to do so, usually by growling and baring teeth. By following a specific series of gestures, a dog will communicate his desire to avoid or initiate a fight. A dog with an aggressive personality will relish a challenge, standing with the fur on this back raised, lips pulled away from his teeth and tail held high. A submissive dog will respond by turning away from the dog, tail lowered, or by laying down on his back with his paws up. Direct eye contact is avoided. Puppies will even dribble urine to signal their submission to a dominant dog or human. Dogs also communicate with each other when they want to play. Known as a play bow, the instigator will drop down on his forepaws while leaving his rear end up. He will then leap up and dance around, wagging his tail and sometimes barking encouragement. The dog will repeat the body language when trying to play with a human. A male dog will use urine scent markings to communicate his territory to other dogs. When a dog lifts his legs on all the trees and bushes in his yard (as opposed to just getting it over with in one place) he is mapping out the perimeter of his personal space. He will do the same when taking a walk through a neutral territory -- leaving notice to all other passing canines that he was there.


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CDC News Part 2 ~ Adoption Facts

Dog Adoption and Cat Adoption Did you know that approximately 4 million adoptable dogs & cats are killed each year due mainly to overpopulation? Did you know that 25-30% of dogs for adoption in animal shelters are purebred? The other 70-75%, of course, are lovable, wonderful mixed-breed pets, just waiting for a chance to be your perfect new friend. In an effort to help people make good choices when they adopt a dog or cat, many humane societies, SPCAs and pet rescues provide adoption counseling to help match you up with a pet for adoption. If you have your heart set on a specific breed, before you check out a dog breeder or pet store, why not adopt a pet from a breed rescue organization? Breed rescues are groups that specialize in a particular breed of dog or cat. Don't be fooled into thinking that animal shelters and pet rescues are filled with dog or cats that were discarded because they're "bad". Shelter pets for adoption are wonderful companions who became the victims of family tragedy, unlucky circumstances or irresponsible owners. Did you know that many backyard dog breeders and pet stores who supply the majority of purebreds simply are selling inbred pets without care for preventing genetic problems? Mixed breed pets have less inbreeding, generally less inherited genetic disease, and therefore overall lower vet bills and happier pets! And the best place to find a mixed breed dog or cat is at an SPCA, a humane society or an animal shelter. Fast Facts 25% of pet dogs put to sleep in animal shelters are purebred. Approximately 4 million pet dogs and cats are put to sleep each year due to overpopulation. Adopting a dog or cat from a humane society, an animal shelter, an SPCA, or a dog rescue or cat rescue group saves a life!


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CDC News Part 1 ~ Breed Of The Month

Great Pyrenees Great Pyrenees Stats Country of Origin: France Group: Working Use today: Livestock guardian, companion Life Span: 10 to 12 years Color: White with or without wolf-gray, badger or tan markings. Black eye rims Coat: Profuse, thick double coat Grooming: Brush weekly, bathe when needed. Regular teeth cleaning. Special attention to nail cutting. Height: Males 27 to 32 inches; females, 25 to 29 inches. Weight: Males 100 to 125 pounds; females, 85 to 115 pounds. Great Pyrenees Profile The Great Pyrenees is an elegant, longhaired, gentle giant. Owners credit the Pyr with the ability to sense danger, thus determining the trustworthiness of individuals it encounters. A calm dog with dignity, the Pyr has guarded families and flocks in the Pyrenean mountains for centuries. Today, many Great Pyrenees enjoy backpacking, pulling carts, sleds or skateboards, jogging or spending time with family members. They retain a strong guarding instinct and will protect loved ones, especially children. Pyrs are extremely intelligent, easy to train and marvelous to live with. Their double coats can be solid white or have colored markings of badger, gray or tan. The coat sheds heavily but is easy to care for with several brushings each week. Despite the thick coat, Pyrs adapt well to all climates. Pyrs range from 25 to 32 inches in height and weigh 90 to 125 pounds, so a large house with a fenced yard is the most comfortable living space for them. Surprisingly for such a large dog, the Pyr has a relatively small appetite. This breed has a moderate activity level, and a couple of daily walks provide sufficient exercise. Please go to http://clubs. html for the Great Pyrenees Rescue Center or go to the Local Animal to adopt a Great Pyrenees.


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Hello everyfur. :) Sorry for the c/p. My day was GRRREAT! Mommy had a great time at school, and I am very thankful for all the daily votes you are giving me for my Dec. DOTM. Its very special to me to win, because its my first Christmas in Puppy Heaven. I pray that more and more votes will come. ;) Mommy is very excited! Our town has an annual Christmas parade efury year, and this year, Mommy, Rosalina, Cape Cod Crew (146492)'s Mommy, and Jazz (146492) are going to be in it togefur! CCC's Mommy invited my Mommy to go with her and Jazzy on a float, and she said Rosie could come. CCC's Mom's grandfather ordered matching costumes for both pooches and both owners! Mommy can't wait to be in it with them. :) She's going to bring Santa hats for her and Nora (CCC's Mommy), and she's going to have her Dad put together strings attatching to two of the hats so that Rosie and Jazzy can wear them! Hehe! What silliness. I'm sure glad that I don't have to wear clothes! Haha! Well, I DID on my first (and last) Halloween, I was a Puppy Princess, with the cone-shaped princess hat and the pretty dress. I barked at EEEVVVEEERRRYYYTTTHHHIIINNNGGG in sight! Haha! Momma had gotten annoyed. Anywoof, I am getting off of the topic! Actually... there's nothing left I wanted to say! Other than to please vote me, Angel Diamond (121420) daily in December so I can get Dec. DOTM and celebrate my first Christmas in Heaven! Also, please vote my sisfur Rosalina (126198) DOTD 12/9 for a PAWssible success on 12/10, her 3rd WoofDay!! Yay! Also, vote Cape Cod Crew (146492) DOTD 12/10 for a PAWssible success on the 11th. Also Cape Cod Crew is running for DOTM April! :) Please don't forget to vote Muffin (117899) DOTM January!!! She's a brilliant Yorkshire Terrier that has been campaigning for January 2O1O for 7 months now!!! I love her to death - she's my seperated sisfur at birth!! Hehe! Oh, and Brady DOTM January too! Left you a vote, and I hope for one in return!! Thank you all for your votes and for reading this, ♦ Angel ♦ † Diamond †

Come visit me, ♣ Napoleon ♣, ~DC Travelers Club~Menu is here&New Jobs Available, Angel Diamond *Congrats Queen Snickers 178461!, Camelia Rose - Will love ever find me?, Coco, Rosalina

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